Pick 48


Apologies if already discussed, there’s an article on AFL site today about Jack Roughsedge - any of our Blitz scouts seen much of him?

Sounds a decent inside mid. Doesn’t mention disposal quality though. The article makes it sound like he may go pretty late - any chance?


A bit simailr to Tom North, speed is an issue although that might come down to his injury. One of the better contested mids in this draft and a big ball winner. Just gets the job done


Yeah but think brother Parish is a shoe to get picked up before we nab him


There is nothing surer that this pick will feature one of the following traits

Issue with disposal
Short of a yard


Just get one of the best kicks with pace in the draft to have a Snapchat scandal


Given the draft is supposedly shallow this year, I think there maybe some more state league types drafted. There’s certainly got to be some method behind West Coast for example trading heavily into the second round by giving GC their 2018 first rounder. I’m guessing they have their sights set on the likes of Kelly, Ryan & Schloithe(?) to assist their list regeneration.

I really don’t know what our approach will be but I suspect we will still draft a young player to develop and my thoughts on North are well known, hopefully he’s one that slides through to 48. I really don’t see there being big gaps between our picks either, think a lot of clubs will pass after having the mandatory bites of the cherry via early picks or rookie upgrades. Hopefully we’ve identified some talent in the back end of the draft again. We’ve had some recent success with Gleeson, Fantasia, Hartley, Walla etc. another one of those would be really handy.


Shin bone fide?


If there’s anything to be learnt from the addition of Big Boi in last years draft, then perhaps there’s another talented tubby floating around somewhere that’s worth a look at. I must say i’m more in favour of selecting a guy with a good motor & talent that needs to trim down, rather than take someone who needs 2 or 3 preseasons to add weight.


Well yeah…that’d be why they are pick 48.


I don’t know how the hell we got Fantasia, but let’s do that again.


Bassett Special.


Yeah that’s why I’m more that happy that pick 48 is a speculative pick. No point getting a young player who will be sitting in line behind all the current drop of young guys; Get a boom or bust freak type. I’d put Fantasia in that category.


this is the range you should be drafting morgan types in.


One Morgan is enough thank you


Because North took Ben Brown?


Not necessarily. Tippa was never slow or a bad kick. Neither was Fantasia. At late picks you definitely have to accept large negatives, but there’s lots of different negatives to choose from.


The negative they had to accept re: TIPPA was certain people saying “well, DER, at last!”


For the life of me I can’t work out how anyone ever perceived Fantasia as having negatives…well except for the glittery hat…


And the 58kg or whatever


The height factor.