Pick 48


Quite so. Personally, not slow and not small are the two things I’d be strong on on this year, but late pickers can’t be choosers.


“One Morgan is enough thank you”. Give the bloke a break you fkn moron.


Xavier Richards is not small and not slow, I’m surprised someone like Norf haven’t had a good look at him.


Yeah, but I think Xavier Richards wanted to live in Sydney because he liked the high cost of living.


Xavier Richards has decided AFL isn’t for him. He’s still in Sydney and will be playing NEAFL.



If Devlin Brereton is still around at 48 then we must take him to p1ss Dermott off.


He will be around at all our picks, he won’t be getting drafted


The article about brereton was one of the most damning-with-faint-praise articles I’ve read on a kid.
Pretty much said he has no chance, but he was good for a few weeks in U18.



We don’t have to play him.


To those in the west I have an idea for pick 48 - jarrod Garlett south Fremantle.

Appears to be over his family issues and on talent if there he would be a steal. I suspect he won’t be.

Anyone know how he’s gone this year?


We bid on Jack Silvagni as well. Wouldve been hilarious if hed ended up at Essendon.


Yeah, I loved that.

Dodoro has a sense of humour.

As it turned out, he’s actually a decent player.


Should have bid on him with Morgan’s pick…


Yeah, I doubt SOS would have let us have him though.

Would have forced them to use a higher pick.


Fails the “Comes from a good family” test big time.


Dermie will have to Don the sash instead of burning it.


Dermie would kick him out of the family


And suddenly I’m liking this drafting idea more and more…


I’m on board. Late pick. Worth it I reckon.