Pick the Attendance for our new ‘Blockbuster’

How many people will attend this Good Friday? I’ll be interested to see as the AFL will want it to succeed having sent us in to bring the numbers up. I’m sure they’ll fill it with corporate sponsors to get the numbers up as well.

Highest ever at the venue - 54,444 Saints vs Geelong 2009

Our highest ever - 53,014 vs Geelong in 2013

I’ll go 51,111


How much do our members have to stump up for a decent seat?
Our attendance will determine the crowd but I’d be surprised if it was over 45k

You mean can we break the attendance record???

I reckon 40k will be about it.

I doubt we’ll get 51 thousand, one hundred Essendon supporters there, but we might.


Nah, you owe me 48K, mate. Will check the bank later. :wink:


Is it possible to have a “blockbuster” at AFL$ stadium?
Norf desperate to be part of a “blockbuster” the trouble is they need a big club with a proven “blockbuster” attendance record, to get it up to a decent level.
Based on the size of the Norf membership, they will struggle.

We got ~48,000 at the G against an interstate side. I would expect slightly more, round the 49,000 given Norf is a Victorian side and its their home game !

Kinda the whole point why no records will be smashed. :wink:

I’m still waiting for my 6 pack of 30yo Hibiki to turn up before you get your 48k. :wink:

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Our attendance?

Will get a lot of neutrals IMO.
There’s not much else to do.

47K, 2/3 Essendon.

Neutrals don’t go and watch North.


An excellent point you make there (if I can find any aged Hibiki). :wink:

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In all seriousness, Norf are at 38 and a half thousand members, and we are what now, 70k plus??

Could get a decent crowd. Depends how many people will be getting the hell out of the City for the Easter Hols.

Weekend Weather is looking pretty good.

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Most people will be out of town. I’d say 40,000 max

The first Good friday game, North - Dogs in 2017, got 43k

You don’t think we can draw more than the Dogs?

Will be 48-51k IMO.


Maybe right. But that was the first ever Good Friday game so I reckon there would have been a lot of attendees due to the novelty factor

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Subtract Good Friday adherents and Essendon members only going to home games - add the novelty - I reckon about 42,663

Doubt there would be many neutrals and they have stuff all supporters so how many of our supporters/members turn up will absolutely determine if it’s a bust or not.