Pick who we will pick

OK, so for the past few weeks we have been speculating and arguing about who or the type of player we should be drafting - a tall, a small, a mid or a goal sneak, to Garlett or not to Garlett – have all been discussed.

Now its balls to the wall time. Time for some fun.

Who do you think we will actually end up drafting? Who will be top shelf in the fridge and who will be left to rot down in the crisper?

It’s not so much about who you think we need or who you think Dodoro et al think we need, but who will we actually end up with.

Two guesses each only.

I‘ll start.

26 Trent Dumont
55 Toby Nankervis

26 Zach Merrett
55 Rory Lobb

  1. Zac Merrett
  2. Dayle Gartlett

  3. Crisp
  4. Nankervis

The first one of yours would be ideal, the second one probably more likely. I'll go with:


26. Jonathan Marsh

55. Darcy Cameron




26. One of Dumont/Crouch/Cripps that falls through (I know I cheated a bit there...if I had to pick one I'd say Dumont)

55. Toby Nankervis.

26. F R S T Player

55. S C N D Player


Dylan Main

  1. Frankston HBF
  2. (the other) Frankston HBF


1: Zac Merrett

2: Dayle Garlett


1: Cameron Conlon

2: Rory Lobb

A good result for mine


Apeness - covers 2 needs and I think a key forward is our biggest 

Garlett - covers a small forward need and keeps everyone here happy


Doubt either will get that far though

26: Luke Dunstan (slides because of a query on his kicking - will be Jobe v 2)

55: Ben Brown

26. Frankston HBF
55. (the other) Frankston HBF

Cue Blitz Meltdown

Rory Lobb
Cameron Conlon

26: Toby Nankervis

55: Eli Templeton


26: Trent Dumont

55: Rory Lobb:

Jonathon Marsh with the first pick, haven't looked into it enough to pick a 55.

26: Apeness

55: Holman


or if Apeness is gone


26: Cripps

55: Lobb


Clothier and Conlon to be the rookies


Clothier and Conlon to be the rookies

Clothier will not be rookied. We could have put him on the rookie b list a couple if weeks ago. We didn't. We don't want him.

26. Promising Vanilla Type


55. Not So Promising Vanilla Type

1. We Couldn't Believe He Was Still There at 26

2. We Couldn't Believe He Was Still There at 55.

26. Michael Apeness / Blake Acres (if available)

55. Jake Owen

What I’d like to see…

Pick 25 - best available - Eli Templeton (just ahead of Crouch and I doubt Dunstan, Dumont or others will make it to our pick).

Pick 55 - best needs - Mitch Harvey. Should still be around at our pick due to him being diagnosed with GF during draft camp meaning he tested poorly. The perfect forward who can pinch hit in the ruck at times.

What is more likely to happen…

Pick 25 - Michael Apeness

Pick 55 - Orazio Fantasia