Pick your best 22 from EFC squads 2005-2014

B: M Johnson Hooker Fletcher
HB: McPhee Hurley Hibberd
C: Stanton Watson Lovett
HF: Hird Lucas Crameri
F: Rioli Lloyd Monfries
R: Ryder J Johnson Zaharakis
INT: Heppell Goddard McVeigh, Peverill,

Emg: Welsh, Dempsey, Lovett-Murray

Even over 10 years the midfield isn’t that great. I did rate JJ though i’d kill for a bloke like him in the side now.

Dean rioli nowhere near it, he played 11 games (1 goal, 4 hammies and a quad) in 05 and 3 games in 2006 (really about 3 quarters, to get him to 100) - Winders in.

Hille gets into that side too. Pretty easily.

It’s a bit of an indictment how many of those 2000 guys get in based off their faltering last 2-3 years before the big broom came through.

Pick the best team for a side that didn’t win a final in that time. I’ll pass.

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