Plastic bags


no way - oven roasted Brussels sprouts are delicious. As they are or tossed through pasta.

Actually steamed Brussels sprouts are good also. With a drizzle of olive oil.


I like them steamed. But they have to be soft.


I can see shopping jeeps coming back into vogue ! Are they still being made ?


I got caught out big time in the States the first time I bought from Aldi.
Was a 2-3km walk back to my hostel cradling a bunch of groceries in my arms with the bigger items on the bottom of the pile to stop the smaller ones falling through.


You can blame the germophobes who dont want their fruit and vegies touching other ones and damaging the skin of the product.


The change from plastic bags to reusable ones is long overdue but it should have been phased in, I’m not all over the details but were Coles et al going with immediate effect? Anyone who has been involved with change management at the corporate level would know that Stage 1 always involves people jumping up and down in a hissy fit.


No, but the contents were.

Swings and roundabouts.


It was phased in. There was a grace period, then they extended the grace period, now they’ve extended it indefinitely.


There were people that used bags with wheels on them. Others use suitcases. But supermarkets haven’t banned people from buying plastic bags available on shelves in the isle. Nor have they changed the plastic bags in the fruit section…if people are really strapped! :wink:



Nanna trolleys for all!


NQR still have plastic bags, so I’m good.


They’re making their customers dizzy.

Coles backflips on free plastic bags

Sophie Elsworth, News Corp Australia Network

SUPERMARKET giant Coles has today announced yet another twist in its plastic bag saga.

Just one day after News Corp revealed Coles had announced an [indefinite handing out]
The supermarket’s chief executive office John Durkan sent a message out to 115,000 Coles staff today notifying them an end to dishing out free bags was now in sight.

Coles CEO John Durkan messaged more than 100,000 staff, telling them to stop handing out free bags. Picture: Supplied

“We are extending our complimentary bag offer until Wednesday 29 August for our customers in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA,” he said in the email.

“I appreciate this transition phase is taking longer than anticipated but it is absolutely the right thing to do by our customers.

“As you would have experienced first-hand in stores, this has been a big and difficult change for many of our customers.”

The timing is interesting - the free handing out of bags ends one day after the supermarket’s latest marketing campaign, Little Shop, comes to an end.

The miniature collectables have been incredibly successful in other countries in helping drive supermarket sales.

The sales drive comes as its owner Wesfarmer gets ready list Coles on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Single-use plastic bags were phased out but Coles on July 1 in Qld, NSW, Victoia and WA but after massive customer backlash they were forced to hand out free reusable bags - which are normally 15 cents each - for free.

Coles have changed their stance on the plastic bag ban numerous times. Picture: AAP

This move to appease livid customers was due to end on August 1 but was given an extension this week.

This was despite customers being notified on receipts and at the check-outs free bags was coming to an end this week.

The move outraged customers who flooded the supermarket’s Facebook page with complaints.

Environmental groups also voiced their outrage.

New research from the Queensland University of Technology has found Coles and Woolworths’ bans on free single-use plastic bags are saving the two supermarket giants $170 million a year. They are also making an annual profit of $71 million on the reusable bags being sold for 15 cents each. The supermarket competitors previously provided six billion bags a year at a cost to them of three cents a bag.


Plastic bag ban proves profitable for Woolworths and Coles


The sooner this planet is loaded into the blitz cannon and fired into the sun the better.


Watched infinity war last night, everyday I’m siding more and more with Thanos.


My string bags are still the go.


Saw a vid of a truckie emptying out his grocery bags and pointing out all of the plastic in the products as though it was some kind of “gotcha” moment as to why plastic bags won’t make any difference. The amount of rubbish this bloke must eat was almost more concerning than his logic. Unfortunately the video appeared to be quite popular with the cognitively challenged.


Remembering to do so is the hard part. I sometimes bring them then leave them in the car.

It might seem logical to BYI bags, but when you have kids with you, you can be easily distracted.

Also, now I need to buy plastic garbage bags, when I used to get them for free!


Well we better make sure you don’t get your hands on them infinity stones then!


Coles are the biggest cowards.

Speak to any uni student doing a first year business consumer behaviour unit. If a customer is unwilling to change the habit of bag usage to the point where they are hostile about it, they certainly aren’t going to fkn change where they shop.

I fkn HATE HATE HATE this tonguing-of-the-customers-dckhole mentality that exists in retail and hospitality. All it does is reinforce shtty behaviour by shtty people. Have a bit of faith in your product/service that it will overcome the potential (refer to previous paragraph) loss of single customer who spends fk all anyway and whose social circle probably doesn’t give a sht when they have a whinge about Pepsi Max scanning at $1,29 instead of $1.19 anyway.


Just had aa flashback on this, … around 2 months ago I said at the Coles checkout, … you don’t seem to have any “Plastic Bags are ending” signs up anywhere, … gilr said yeah we do, … and pointed to a tiny thing on the back of the weighing station, … I thought hell, thats not much, … Woolies wasn’t a lot better, but I did notice them much more’

Wonder if others found similar at their Coles’s, … might explain their troubles.

Also, … I don’t see commercial TV ads’s, or visit the common pop websies, or Tweet or Fakebook, … so I wouldn’t have a clue, . but, where there any TV ads or on anywhere else on this coming up?? Say MMM, herald scum etc??