Plastic bags



It’s pitiful really.
If you can’t organise your ■■■■ to take bags for packing your own groceries then you really are bottom of the pond dumb.

I bought these and they are great for more than just shopping and 10 year guarantee.


as a former hospitality worker.

■■■■ people.


Not sure why you’d feel uncomfortable agreeing with the motivations of the good guy in a movie.




Coles bans plastic bags one week, then rolls out some promo where my kids are asking me to collect ■■■■■■ plastic miniature products.

Best thing I have is a Bunnings green basket that I take with me. Easier to lug around and won’t tip over in the boot. No idea how I ended up with a Bunnings basket.


the whole reusable bags are a load of ■■■■.

take 2 to get a baskets worth of things. the ■■■■■■■ bags take up half the basket.

what a load of ■■■■.


Are you getting some rant practice in before the game?


Nah i just mornings.


$2 each. Fit in my pocket. Washable. No problem!


Mine fit in my pocket. Get some real problems you entitled whinger


should’ve left the original word.


Maybe. It’s certainly accurate


Remember those old style grandma trollies? You know, the type the old wog ladies would push around. They were ahead of their time.


Thought millennials had their mums do all their shopping?


Diggers has me on ignore.


Haha… They’re the ones.


Safeway’s delivers boomski


Then what are you moaning about?


I thought that was what this thread was about