Player psychology

Many years ago, I recall a team (possibly Brisbane and Leigh Mathews) who developed psychological profiles on all opposition teams and players. They had classifications associated with them. For example, Mark Johnson what a “Mosquito” because of his energy and attitude on the field. Does anyone else remember this ? Id love to see the article again.

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Harsh. It’s actually something new (but old).

I don’t remember it. I’d also be interested in reading it though!

Reminds me of the old Warwick Todd Australian Test Team opposition player assessments.
Player: girl.
Player: girl.
Player: girl.
Tendulkar: tends to lose concentration briefly after reaching a double century.
Player: girl.


i remember it.

they were doing some interesting things around the 3peat era.

psych profiles on opposition players, which they would study as part of the game prep.

which players reacted poorly to mistakes, which ones would be effected by sledging etc.

no idea where you would find the article now though.

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imagine essendons profile of todays players.

it wouldn’t be individual it’s be a team mantra.
give them the ball, wait for them to ■■■■ up with the ball, go coast to coast after they’ve ■■■■■■ up with the ball.

that’s all you’d need.

I used to work with a person who was on the coaching staff of Brisbane during their dynasty period. I don’t want to name names but he’s a current coach of an AFLW team too.

One lunch time he told a story how when it came to draft time they would interview literally every player that could be drafted and develop psychological profiles of them. They knew who to target and how to target them, and set out to pick on certain people even years later based off that profile.

I’ve never seen the article you talk about but vividly remember this conversation and have talked about it a fair bit!

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Was good blokes with leadership qualities the profile they chased?

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