Players robbed

Anymore on this?

Disgusting if true

Hope the boys are ok. They might be a bit shaken.

Marybrinong is shocking for this sort of stuff.

Now we’ve had 4 players robbed in as many months.

A bit more info here:

Also includes James Ferry (our VFL list).

Unfortunately this is becoming all too common these days.

Two threads for this eh?

And the one that was first has less posts

Initially I thought this was going to be another saga thread.

I wonder how these people determine what houses to target?

Now we know why Smack played angry in Friday morning’s match practice

Had my car stolen in an ag burg a couple of years back. My housemate and I ducked out for 15 min to jump start a friend’s car. Left his girlfriend in the house so we didn’t lock up. Kid was waiting in our front yard, saw us leave and walked straight into the house, took the car keys and left.

What I struggled at the time with was knowing the car was still being driven around. Once it was recovered, I was able to move on from the ordeal. Don’t underestimate the stress it can have though at the time.

My housemate’s girlfriend took the experience a lot harder. She was in the house, didn’t see the kid, but the thought of him coming into the next room really shook her up. Till this day she can’t sleep alone in a house. I don’t really care anymore about the car, the impact it has had on her though makes me furious.

Lav’s sleep was interrupted. Didn’t have a full pre-season (of uninterrupted sleep)

Apex gang surely

Apex gang surely
Did they steal the cars at their highest point?

(and yes I really feel for the players, but come on I couldn’t let that go)

Kia will sort them out.

From the HS article:

Neighbour Sherry Detering saw the players run out of the house screaming at the robbers.

“The owners across the road were running out after the cars screaming,” she said.

“They were quite distressed. They were yelling: ‘who left the door open’, ‘who let them out’, ‘come back, come back’.”

How do we make sense of that? They caught them in the act and were trying to hold them there? Either way, it’s a ■■■■ of a situation. I’ve been burged a couple of times, and as Benny40 says it can shake you up quite a bit knowing someone was in your house while you were there, or as happened last time, in your sons room.

And the one that was first has less posts

Always the way

poor mans thread this. I’m going back to the other one…

Surely all the cars should have been KIA’s?

As far as “Late for training” excuses go this one is pretty good…