Playing players in a position that isn't natural to them

I’m sorry Ladies and Gentleman, but watching us play players in positions which they weren’t recruited to play in poor by the club.

Hurley Under18 AA full back 2x, yet we played him forward.
Carlisle recruited as a forward, finds his feet playing in defence then switch him back to a forward role.
Hooker becomes AA defender now we play 2 spuds in his position to play him forward.
Langford recruited as a flanker, now playing mid where he looks average at best.
Francis was a 3rd up type defender and we played him as a forward, just like Hurley.
Parish last year was played as a flanker, yet is probably our most pure inside mid on the list, but by all means lets develop his role as a flanker not as a clearance mid. Hello develop Langford as the flanker and Parish as the clearance mid.
Stringer a AA forward now being played as a inside mid, which I think will not work out like we all hope.

Why can’t we have a team where Hooker, Hurley and Francis all play in their best positions.
Stringer, Daniher, Smack and Stewart play forward.
Langford goes to a flank where he clearly has played his best footy.
Parish is the pure mid.

Players like Heppell, Merrett, Smith, McGrath were all racking up huge numbers at under18s level, much like Parish, Clarke and Mutch.

Why can’t we just keep things simple develop the players in the position they are best suited and once they have become really good in that position add a few tricks to their games.

Funny thing is even now Hurley the under18 AA full back, who could hold his own against really good forwards is now played as a 3rd up type defender while the KP forwards get hold of our not so good defenders while Hooker is waiting in the forward line going cold.

I know everyone has a different opinion but I really find it strange.


I was once a really good badmiton player. Turns out I was better at clay pigeon shooting and punching people.

You make some sense but I’m not sure a junior position always translate to the seniors. You’re rightly p!ssed because these guys haven’t worked out in said positions. There are smarter more knowledgeable people here that me, I am sure will give you other examples of csreers saved or gone to the next level.


I get your point but players need to be bersatile these days. I also think rotating players like parish forward is about adding another string to their bow.

That said, i think hooker should play in defence.

Do you know this definitively or is this just your assumption of the player Langford was at TAC level and the specific reason he was drafted? Are you sure it was definitely the 2/3rds of the season Langford played as a flanker that excited the recruiters and made us decide to draft him, rather than the last 4-6 weeks of the season where he played as an inside mid and dominated?


Billy Duckworth


Davey as CHF did it for me.


We’re persisting with this tactic but now it either Green or Tippa.

Baguley was a fwd pocket

McKenna played with a round ball

Zerrett played cricket and moonlighted as a mid now and again.

Heppell was a back flanker who transitioned

McG was a hurdler

Hooker actually was a midfielder then a fwd as a junior

Corgi was a mid

List goes on…

Your sentiments aren’t necessarily wrong but all these examples are definitely not correct.


Lovett-Murray was a ruckman
Lloyd was a CHB
Hardingham was a FF
So was Fletcher
Did I mention Lovett-Murray ?

I was a was a kamikaze pilot.


Dangerfield - drafted as a mid, started forward for the crows, now moved into the midfield.
Dusty - drafted as an outside mid, started as a half forward, now moved into an inside mid role
Ablett - drafted as a small forward, started forward, threw him into the midfield
Hodge - drafted as a midfielder, threw him on a half back flank

The list goes on and on. Players get drafted having played a certain position in U18’s and develop into a different player in the 20’s… this is not surprising.

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You weren’t very good at it.


They gave me a plane
But I couldn’t fly it.

I got engine trouble, so I couldn’t be a hero.

Wherever a kid plays footy between the ages of 16-18, that’s it. That’s their position, and the only position they can ever play.


Spot on. I watched from the sidelines. And continue to do so today.


Haha Penos…

You may be the most sarcastic SOaB on this site.
[its a compliment buddy]

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Merv Hughes played grade cricket as an opening batsman, yet ended up eating all the pies and a being fast bowler for Australia.

Funny that, we’ve got the very same problem.

Nice Penos reference, Salami Boy.