Pokemon Go

What is it? The fad hasn’t hit dubai yet.

Is ‘Gold’ a euphemism for "with yourself’?

I installed it on my phone, honestly played it for 2 mins and gave up. On the bright side, at least it gets kids out and being active, but for my eyes so far it just looks like a game where random pokemon appear on street maps and you have to go and get them.

I’d rather go back and play Gold.

I was walking around over the weekend and thought I was in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Turns out it was people playing Pokemon go. Do that for an hour or two and you’ve blown your data budget to bits.

As a MASSIVE Pokemon fan back in the day in disappointed such an average game is so successful.

Wonder how long this fad lasts.

do things start to happen once on level 5?

Holocaust museum Washington.
Stay classy Pokemon.