Police Assaulted in Wild Brawl


Alcohol, it’s a hell of a drug


yep - we need to send a strong message this won’t be tolerated.


Yes he did. He was in the middle of a fight with someone else. He whacked her with what he had at hand. If he was in the middle of flower arranging he may well of hit her with a bunch of daffodils.


Yep the magistrates are hearing you loud and clear. I’ve just read the herald sun on line headlines that 3 of those male ■■■■■ have been released on bail.

I keep saying this state is farcked, well how more often can we keep saying it.

Police are out there risking their lives and doing their job,and these ■■■■■ maliciously beat up on them without fear of any reprisal from the state.

Farcking c7nts all of them, all of them !


From what I saw, it looks like one bad assault, and a bunch of his mates mostly standing around watching.

That one guy deserves a good long stint, but I’m not sure being mates of a ■■■■■■■■ is a good reason to throw away the key.


If only the media would do some reporting on the arguments for and against bail in individual cases, the judiciary reasons for granting/not granting bail, together with conditions attached.
The media could also do some reporting on the length of time on remand. It’s never weeks and much more than months. How long does it take before a case goes to trial?
But no, that would not fit the narrative of the likes of the Hun.


Explain to me why Phil O’Donnell deserved bail for smashing a police officer’s head into the ground? The amendments to the Bail Act came into force from 1 July 2018. Show cause has been replaced by compelling reason. The Act is clear (causing serious injury intentionally). Must be refused bail under the Act, unless he has a compelling reason that he shouldn’t be refused. There are close to 3,000 people on remand awaiting sentencing, so the system is chockers. The only reason he was granted bail & it stinks. A deprivation of liberty (held on remand) for such a serious assault isn’t harsh, especially given that we have no idea what type of sentence he will eventually receive.


He doesn’t


Agree. Something real, and in the main mandatory unless very real extenuating circumstances.

Need a strong deterrent,shitt like this has to stop.


7:45am Monday morning, I’ve just jumped out of the shower.

There is a knock on the front door. Who the ■■■■ is that? Better answer it, otherwise they’ll knock again and so far they haven’t woken the baby, the wife or any of the other kids.

Mind you I’m but naked and only have a towel around me. So I open the front door and poke my head around.

“Hi mate, I’m from Channel 7, can I ask you about your neighbour?”
“What about him?”
“What’s he like?”
“No idea mate, I’ve see him every now and again and say the odd word, but I don’t really know him”
“Oh okay, thanks anyway” and of he goes.

Think to myself, that’s ■■■■■■■ odd what was that all about. I know he’s a tradie so am wondering if Ch 7 are going to do an ACA hit job on him or something. Then remembered that Today Tonight no longer exists. So have no idea what it was about but don’t think anymore about. That is until later in the day when I’m looking at an article online about the police bashing in St Kilda and that there had been 4 arrests made and they were all from Frankston/Langwarrin.

Sure enough it becomes obvious my neighbour is one of these guys and my early morning visit from Ch 7 makes more sense.


Better him/her than Pell as your neighbour.


That’s bit too East Germany for me.


So someone from Channel 7 turns up on your doorstop and you don’t take the opportunity to tell them how bad BT is? For shame


I think it should apply for all first responders. If you assault cops, ambos, hospital staff, you should face stiff penalties.

Please don’t think I’m all for letting police being unaccountable for their actions either. They have to be well-trained, and guided by clear laws/regulations. Dashboard and body cameras also help to make sure responses are appropriate, provide evidence in the case of assaults, and act as a deterrent. But I have no problem with it being an accepted fact that if I assault a cop, or a paramedic when they are in the action of performing their duty, regardless of having a skinfull of booze or drugs, I will be held to account. And that won’t be slap on the wrist, it will cost me.


I agree there should be some sort of penalty. Particularly for ambos, fireys, hospital staff etc. There are way too many cases of Police assaulting members of the public for me to be happy with automatic penalties applied for just punching them. But if irrefutable proof exists that you assaulted them for no reason, then yep, some penalty should definitely apply. Mind you, it should go the other way too. No more suspended on full pay for Police who assault the public. No more closed internal courts etc. And agree that being ■■■■ faced should not be a valid excuse.


Has body cams been rolled out in vic yet?

I honestly think they are the best thing for accountability of the police, and if they ‘forget’ to charge it or whatever, should incur heavy penalties.


Probably the real reason is, they have no room and are playing musical cells at Police Stations around Melbourne or where ever this is. That is what usually happens.

I believe they have just built or are building a new remand centre somewhere near Deer Park however every time there is a shortage of space, they give people bail who should be locked up.


My next door neighbour WAS an Ambo. He and his partner in the Ambulance had to deliver a patient to Canberra. Someone on ice went berserk and knifed his partner, my neighbour was thrown against a wall. It was not the first time this had happened for either of them.

When he came home from shift, he was a real mess emotionally. His wife said," I want you to quit. I am afraid I am going to get a knock on the door and two police officers giving me bad news." The bloke who took his place three weeks later was stabbed and nearly died. He said that could have been me. He had been an Ambo for 25 years and his partner who was knifed also resigned. He had been ambo for 27 years. It is a very dangerous life being an Ambo.