Political Correctness


I think whataboutisms are about either
a) separate issues, or
b) statistically minor occurrences for a different type of person, such as ‘men get breast cancer too, you know!’

It’s not whataboutism when one social group is actually the highest represented in the thing you’re discussing.


Ha ha ha what hogwash.

‘It’s only an aboutism when it suits my argument.’


Well, no.
I gave a definition.
I have no skin in this particular argument.


I’ve been really interested in this stuff lately.

I agree that science shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to health care, but ss far as I know I have been able to have access to mental health care and physical preventative health services for as long as I have been alive (1977)…

When exactly have feminists blocked me (and all men) from mental health care and physical preventative health services?

Out of interest (rather than to challenge you), could you direct me to any sources for this? Because it’s really messed up.

And when you say feminists, do you mean the average person who identifies as a feminist, like Jobe Watson, or our wives and girlfriends, or do you mean the extreme feminists that think any women who get married are sell-outs?

Personally, I think feminism is generally a great movement and that their should be no legal or cultural barriers to what women can achieve and contribute, and that men should help promote equality.

Biology tends to throw up some barriers in some areas (e.g. men tend to be physically stronger, and different hormones, etc), but education and being civilised should see that these traits are not used to exploit women or hold them back from achieving.

As for toxic masculinity, well, by definition it isn’t good. I don’t think men should strive to be masculine, I just think it’s important to be “you”. Obviously that can be clouded by how we are nurtured, but no one should have to “do man stuff” if they don’t want to, or be prevented from “girl stuff” if they are drawn to it - or forced to do girl stuff if they aren’t into it.

I’ve got 2 young boys 6 & 3 and they will wrestle and fight to play (often involving tears but then they will both willingly get straight back into it laughing). They also don’t mind watching Barbie cartoons or walking around in their Mum’s shoes or playing with her makeup (though I think they do it because it’s “funny” - which indicates to me they are aware of the gender roles - rather than because they are drawn to high heels or want to accentuate their femininity. If they are “making fun of Mum” by dressing like her then that’s not PC is it?), and they both have girl-friends that they have play-dates with. But overall they are very masculine and when they talk about who they want to be like it’s either me (Dad) or Batman or Black Panther or Captain America, or Heppel or Walla.

Anyway, I’m cool with them being “masculine”, but obviously we want to avoid the toxic part by educating them and ingraining a respect for women, but it can be a minefield when everyone has an opinion on what is right and what is wrong (and I’m sure it was an issue back in 1977 too, and has progressed a long way since).


To be fair - put the word ‘toxic’ in front of almost any word and it’s not such a great thing, is it?


I don’t take issue with your definition. It was the final paragraph that I dismissed.


Most feminists are nice, normal people.

It’s the vocal minority that don’t possess the capacity to think critically, base their opinions on sentiment rather than fact, live in an echo chamber and have not/will not genuinely consider opposing arguments, that give the majority a bad name.



This applies to many collectives with a socio political aim. And to f**kwits


Before today, I lived in blissful ignorance there was any such thing as a “lobster hierarchy”.


Ditto. Still haven’t bothered finding out what it is.


Don’t bother, unless you want to be depressed.


Oh it’s a Jordan Peterson thing.

Why is this guy so popular. He’s your know it all uncle that everyone wishes would shut up at your family bbq.


Please don’t.
I’m having a nice time.


Before today, I lived in blissful ignorance there was any such thing as a Jordan Peterson.


Same again…just like that lobster thingummy


A good explanation - You have to assume that Nishikiori and Osaka are OK with the caricatures for this advertising campaign or otherwise they would have quickly had the add withdrawn - It seems now we are shifting away from What offends the individual to what offends some in society - Asian’s are mad about whitening products - Our business exports tonnes of this stuff to Indonesia among a range of beauty products - Of course the irony is a number of these people are whiter than me - I will pose a question - Why do a VERY high percentage of mannequins have caucasian features ?


I posted that if Nishikiori or Osaka were offended then the add would be withdrawn - It’s probably another case of people wanting to be offended - I noticed in my recent trip to Australia that the population seems to be ‘uptight’ about saying or doing the correct thing - It’s an interesting phenomenon.


“I’ve talked to [Nissin] and they’ve apologised,” she told journalists at the Australian Open. “It’s obvious, I’m tan. It’s pretty obvious.”

She added: "I don’t think they did it on purpose to be ‘whitewashing’ or anything, but I definitely think that, next time they try to portray me or something, I feel like they should talk to me about it.“


A good response. I think it could be another important corner that Japan needs to turn to keep expanding its acceptance of the growing array of people who are Japanese citizens. It really is like you’ve gone back in time often here, but a race so pure is gonna take time and make plenty of blunders along the way.


I’m interested in the topics he discusses and his take on them. He basically calls out all the extreme lefties. Heaps of click bait on YouTube misquoting him, apparently people get triggered when he points out that hierarchies exist naturally and they always will, etc.