Political Correctness


Exactly. Those that mock him wish they had 10% of his intellect. Don’t have to agree with everything he claims but he’s highly intelligent


Yeah, it’s going to be uncomfortable for one or two age groups for a little while and there’s going to be exaggerations and confected outrage on all sides for a while, but kids now are possibly, barring a breakout of long term nationalism, going to inherit a world that’s pretty comfy in its caramel hue, no longer so black and white, him and her, etc. Shame it’ll be so fu.cked up environmentally. Change = broken eggs. Suck it up we must.


White nationalist gate crashing the invasion day marches when this years theme was to raise awareness for indigenous youth suicide was ■■■■■■■ disgusting.


It’s what they do.


At what point though does it stop being about airing their opinions on race and start being about preventing kids committing suicide?

Jump up and down about the impacts of razor adds on young men, what about these fuckholes impact on young indigenous kids?


We where in Harvey Norman the other day looking for a personal computer to sit in the living room for general use.

I spotted a laptop and said why not that and she said “no that’s not very pc.”

Actually theres a chance it never happened. I just wanted to join in.


Maybe they didn’t realize it was about suicide since even you just called it the invasion day march.
FWIW, I agree they are disgraceful.


It certainly wasn’t the only theme, or even the main one.
And while people shouting racist slurs can go get stuffed, I don’t…can’t…have a problem with people marching to save Australia Day on Australia Day.


It’s just what they do at any given opportunity. Surely you are used to it by now.

And I’m sorry, they might give it nice little themes, but it’s about Invasion Day, so it’s no wonder these guys respond. They have a totally different point of view

And realistically, the whole Invasion Day thing is a protest against them and their views.


I got caught today looking at a most beautiful backside of a young lady at a farmers market in San Francisco, or SF as us wannabes call it.

In truth, is was innocent, in that it was so perfect that one had to linger longer than a fleeting glance.

Well I thought I was toast, but the young lady, said “it is nice, isn’t it”, gave my me a Juila Roberts smile and floated away.

I love America.


Medical research has discovered a very interesting but little known scientific fact about that but is probably not PC to report here.

I can tell you about it if we ever meet up for a cool drink, or Wim if he ever comes good on drinking bourbon with Blitzers.


My daughter’s - who get outraged at any notion of racism, sexism, homophobia etc and basically think the older generations have ruined the world and are social arseholes - informed me yesterday that their generation are using the term “■■■” as a derogatory label for certain groups.

I laughed and laughed. And then I laughed some more.


There’s a South Park episode dedicated to exactly that.


Probably happy to find a man in SF who is prepared to enjoy the sight of a lady’s rear end.


Conservative US swear filter has acted on that term, please share with an intervening full stop for illumination




Are they really doing that though?


Without subscribing to any other views they may or may not have, yes, I honestly believe they are.
I’m sure there’s also a contingent of ‘stop ruining our day with invasion day nonsense’, but in the main I believe it’s a ‘Keep Australia Day’ march.
What do you believe it is?


I was there and saw the five or so who managed to get through at Flinders St station.

They yelled racist remarks. No mention of the day or what it signifies for them or saving the date.

I guess that meaning could have been in there somewhere well hidden though.


I’m not suggesting they’re not also racist.