Political Correctness


Put them up for adoption.


I’m suggesting they are using the “keep Australia Day” as a vehicle for racism


As I said, if it were about the day being of significance to them, they failed to mention it.

Not sure why you would think that about them though. Any evidence or just feel?


I think they were marching with Australian Flags on Australia Day to protest against people who were marching to abolish Australia Day.

I don’t think they woke up this morning and said, ‘Ooooh, lovely day. Did you hear there will be a lot indigenous Australians (for some reason…something to do with suicide, I think) marching today, dear? Let’s go and be racist at them.’


Not entirely. May have planned if a few more days out.

FWIW, no one at the marches, or at least very few, want to abolish Australia Day. They just want the national day to be the day that doesn’t mark the beginning of occupation and geonocide.


Except they do.
Just a minor point, but I think a relevant one.

This year’s rallies were to have a focus on the issues of “Aboriginal youth suicide, discriminatory policing and Aboriginal Deaths in Custody,” according to co-organiser Meriki Onus, who spoke to news.com.au on behalf of Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) ahead of the event.

Ms Onus said changing the date was not of great concern to her and other organisers of the Invasion Day rallies, saying January 26 had become co-opted by “white nationalists.”

“Change the date is not something (our organisation is) fighting for or advocating. We want Australia Day to be abolished altogether,” Ms Onus explained.


Odd name.
Can be taken exactly the wrong way.


This years actually interesting, I got invited to two Australia Day BBQ’s tomorrow, so clearly is about the holiday for some. Maybe Australia Day could be the 4th Monday in January. That way it’s always a long weekend.

FWIW. I am working, and am donating my bonus wages for working a public holiday to the long walk, just like the virtue signalling leftist I am


As it’s the Australia Day holiday, I’m sure you won’t be going.


While I appreciate that the indigenous peoples have suffered badly, and I have no issue with changing the day, it still staggers me that people think that if the British hadn’t settled the country, that another European or East Asian country wouldn’t have, and that they’d still be living roughly as they did in the late 18th century.

Heaven help them if the Russians, Dutch or Japanese had colonised the place.

The French and Russians were sniffing around at the time, the Japanese would certainly have taken over in the 20th century and their treatment of conquered people was appallingly bad.


It’s not like we (Australia) are alone in having our modern society effectively built on the bones of a previous civilisation either.
I’ve recently been of the opinion that our national day only carries so much controversy due to how recent the events were.
Doubtful if English settlement had occurred 2000 years ago that we’d be having this discussion at all.
edit Should add this is just an observation surrounding the events; couldn’t give a ■■■■ if the date is or isn’t changed.


No, and if it had happened that long ago there would only be trace indigenous people left. I think you’re right though, and so is @Alan_Noonan_10.

What I find hard to understand is how we as a country tell new arrivals they have to embrace our culture but we don’t embrace or even accept that this country had a culture well before the brits landed.

I just don’t see how we can’t have a national day that represents that. Wims argument makes no sense to me. I understand why he has them though. I’m not for one second suggesting they the landing of Arthur Phillip doesn’t have any historical significance to this country, it’s the arrival of the white man, it’s significant as anything that’s happened over the last 250 years here.

But our national day cannot be at the expense of the First Nations people, it’s abhorrent.


Although there can be enhancements in the area I don’t think it’s right to suggest that we don’t embrace nor accept indigenous culture.

I’m aligned with thinking that we should move Australia Day from the 26th and perhaps have a federation day on the 1st Jan (lose a public holiday) and have another replacement dedicated public holiday to focus on celebrating First Nations people. I think the vast majority of Aussie’s would be happy with this approach. ■■■■ the small minority of shot stirring racists.

What wouldn’t go down well was if that day of celebrating First Nations people just became another “survival day” type of event.

We can’t change what happened. We shouldn’t pretend it didn’t happen. But we need to forge ahead collectively. That’s both sides unifying and not blaming all of us who are alive for the deadly deeds committed by those of the past.


That’s quite amusing.


I think you’ll find they were friends of Blair and Erickson and are using this successful protest to piggy back their agenda of white supremacy.

But whatevs. There was less than a handful that I saw.

And about 80k others.

Abolishing Australia Day is not a bad idea. It’s the ultimate colonial act to celebrate the country at only the point where the colony arrived.

This year was especially pointed and I actually expected it to be more militant due the suicides of children and the response of funding a new trip for Cook.

But it wasn’t. It was so many different cultures, actually wearing Aboriginal flags (which was so fking rare two years ago), and standing up and giving their time to try and raise an issue and change one aspect of our country.

No, I’m not working today. No I don’t want to give my house to Aboriginal people.

I just want all my mates to be able to celebrate the country now.


My dig at benfti about the bbq was a joke.
80,000? That you saw?

Anyway, my fundamental objection is well and truly established. This is pretty much just banter and dancing around the edges.


I thought more but that seems to be the number being thrown around.

Did you think different?


I wasn’t there.
I wouldn’t be there for quids.
Pack of racists on one side and people who apparently don’t realise they’re marching for the abolition of any sort of Australian celebration on the other (people should really be more careful).
I know The Age is a rag, but they put it at ‘up to 10,000.’
80,000 seems a lot to me, but I couldn’t say either way.

Edit: from news.com (again, not saying the source is awesome)
Ms Onus-Williams estimated more than 60,000 people attended the march and said it would continue until Australia Day was completely abolished.

Others at the march suggested the crowd was closer to 7000.

And also, if you want to be on board with '…a speaker claim Australia “does not deserve” a national day. An organiser who told the rally “F…k Australia, hope it burns to the ground” has made no apologies for her strong language, well…


I’ve walked out of pies games with smaller crowds. It was huge. I was there and walked the length to catch people who had travelled from all over vic.

Naively, of course.

And ffs, there was no other side. There was a handful of fk heads. The entire thing was incident free besides the cops walking a guy out. I have seen more agro at a GC game.

You may hate it, but it’s the best thing that’s happened for that community in a long time.


And people should be more careful???

Of what? Being noticed?