Political Correctness


Of marching for things that they don’t realise they’re marching for.
Like I said, you wouldn’t get me marching with the idiots I happen to agree with on one issue for quids.

Edit: And I don’t hate it. That’s far too strong.
I simply disagree with it.


Yeah but forgive me for not really being concerned about what horrible things would happen if the sneaky militant organisers got their way, brainwashed everyone and there was… system reform.


I think you’re getting a little upset.
There’s no need.

Are you calling the organisors militant, or you suggesting I am?
I’m just saying what they (reportedly) said.
Personally, if the speaker on any issue I attended said, ‘Fark Australia, I hope it burns to the ground’, I’d probably leave and say this isn’t for me.


I probably am a little. It’s actually quite hard going and doing something so uplifting to then have people cast all sorts of shadows over it just because they ‘think’ it ‘might’ be like something else.

Not sure you understand how that impacts someone but telling them they don’t need to react never helps.

And lastly, you seem protective over your Australia. I’ve seen a different side that you may not believe exists, or refuse to look into as its unaudtralian, but it makes me angry.


I’m trying to help.
I’m not upset, and I’m not trying to upset you.

And again, this is what the speakers have been reported as saying. She seems to have said a lot, this woman, which of course is fine. She can say what she likes.
I’m just saying that so very many quotes would seem to reduce the possibility of her being misquoted.

I’m not protective of ‘my Australia.’
I just accept the dualism that the ‘change the date’ people don’t seem to be able to.
Of course I’ve seen terrible things. And we should do things about them. We have, in fact, been trying to do things about them and I’m sure will continue to.
And as I’ve said many times, I’m very much in favour of indigenous Australians suggesting things we should celebrate.


It one person. Meriki.

She gets headlines for sure.
Did you hear the speech from Di or Carolyn? Black deaths in custody? What about where the entire crowd had a sing along in woi-wurrung language in front of Parliament House? There are thousands of people there and maybe 25 speeches?

One interview last year does not the March make.

Ask me. I’m here talking to you and you’ve asked me nothing about how it felt, what was the meaning behind me and friends giving our day to go in and rally, was it unifying or divisive, how did the Aboriginal people you spoke to receive the day?

At least be fkg interested if you’re going to high ground constantly


Okay, I think we’re done here.
I have an opinion that differs from yours, that’s not ‘taking the high ground.’
If you think I’m getting hoity toity about someone saying ‘burn Australia’ then I guess I’ll have to live with that, but it’s a total side-issue.

As to your question about Aboriginal people I spoke to that day, well they’re pretty thin on the ground here in Mooroolbark.
But for what it’s worth, I can tell you the Elder in my home town disagrees with changing the date.


Interestingly, Tippa had a tweet wishing everyone a happy Australia Day.


No, saying people can’t see things you can or don’t realise what they are really doing, is assuming high ground.

I also said ask me questions. Someone who there.


How was it?

Edit: sigh And fine. Did you realise you were marching for people who are against any sort of Australian celebration?


Plenty of people seemed happy to do smoking ceremonies all over the country, too.


Great. I went to the rally and purposefully marched for the organisers, not the cause.

Just like we all do for rallies for all time.


Forget about her, for the manyieth time she’s a side issue.
I wouldn’t accept that sort of language from anyone, and I’m sure you’d judge me if I was on the other side of this particular argument where similar sentiments were expressed, but anyway
You want to me to ask how awesome it was.
So tell me, how awesome was it?


Legitimately, it was awesome. There was elders getting teary at the sight of who, and how many, were there to support them. There was a large group that was Jewish, Muslims and Asians for Aboriginal rights that were leading a chant. It was honestly great. I feel like Aboriginality was on display proudly and that is such a change. I also felt this has real opportunity, for maybe the real first time, to be equally owned by other Australians.

The date will change IMO. And rightly so.


I’m sorry if I harshed your buzz on that.
It does sound wonderful.

You really shouldn’t be too bothered by my opinion, especially if it’s as much a foregone conclusion as you say.
The date may change.
I don’t think it will, and if it does then I don’t think it will help.
But I don’t want you to think I’m not for more recognition of, and better outcomes for, indigenous Australians.
Not because it bothers me, just because it’s not true.


fair play.

I do feel and react, regardless of your advice and I was actually hoping to get something out of talking to you about it. That’s why I persisted.

I didn’t though, which is a shame really.


That’s because we’re just talking about the side stuff, and because I’m not overly keen on repeating myself.
Not today, I don’t mean, but I’ve said everything I have to say on the matter for the last…what…four or five years.
Which, let’s be clear, is how long this has been an issue.

Edit: And I get that you’re passionate about it. Again, I’m just one guy. My views are very probably only representative of myself.


I think all the side issues make the whole,

I don’t forsake one for the other either, just for the record.


The side issue that’s been thrown up this year just makes things worse.
Apparently, after this year, we could ask the indigenous community to give us a date to celebrate, and ask them what is okay to celebrate, and even that’s too much to ask.

It’s still a side issue, but it’s disheartening.
Forgive the corporate-speak, but don’t come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution.
Not just ‘change the date’ if that’s still even on the table, but change the date to what and why, and ffs not why not.
Can we at least get that.


That’s it really.
You see it as their issue to solve.
I see it as ours.