Political Correctness


Not sure you understood ‘abolish.’
I’ll assume you did.

In which case, yes, we’re totally done here.


What? Where? Wtf?

Explain yourself.


Could you be more specific please?


What did me understanding abolish have to do with your reason to stop the conversation?

I never said abolish the day.

I believe we can work out a better date post Jan 26 being declared ‘British achievement’ day or whatever and not Australia day


You said, ‘Sounds like?’
I took that to mean, ‘Well duh.’
I apologise if I misread that, and would appreciate clarification.

British Achievement day.
Not how I see it.


No I legit was amazed you were listening as you have failed to respond to much of it


Anyone see a video doing the rounds with a bloke questioning people on why the date should change, and why they are at protesting at rallies? Completely called people out for having no clue about why they were there. Sure, most are educated and if they want to protest- that’s cool. But fk, it just proves some people will just whinge, complain, be offended, whatever you want to call it - for literally no good reason. Some people didnt even understand what the 26th represented, or what actually happened on January 26.


No matter what side of the fence you sit on - the government will never change the date, It would go to a referendum and you’ll never get more than 50% of the population voting to change it imo. Even if it wasn’t a referendum, Rightly or wrongly, you’ll never see a date change for a minority in our lifetime. That’s just the way governments work.


how long do you think we’ve been celebrating on Jan 26 for?

It’s only a relatively new thing


For comparison’s sake, it’s been a day of mourning for Aboriginal people since ~ 1938


I saw a survey done by the Australian institute like 2 days ago that showed over 70% of respondants were in favour of changing the date.


There are records of celebrations on 26 January that date back to 1808, however it was not referred to as ‘Australia Day’ at that point. The first official celebration was ten years later in 1818. It’s not a ‘new thing’.

It is nowhere near 70%. Not even that percentage of indigenous people want it changed. A tiny minority want it changed, but in reality the vast majority enjoy it and don’t want it changed.

(This isn’t a fark you post, just the reality of the situation)


Ok. You are right. Maybe I should have been more specific in my post.

It hasn’t been a public holiday very long and I sure don’t remember it being a celebration before then.

But while you’re shedding light, can you tell us where you got stats on Aboriginal people wanting to change the date from?


Sorry Saucy, you’re right, it was 56% were not bothered by what day it was on


Super interesting study actually, showing how much people know about the date.

With that being said I’m willing to bet I have spoken to more indigenous people than most around here, I do every day, and I can tell you the overwhelming majority want the date changed. It’s not a small portion at all.


That statement was purely my own thoughts, I don’t have any stats to back it up.

There were a lot of aboriginal ceremonies held yesterday, awards being given out to indigenous people for the work they’ve done, i’m sure there were some indigenous families just enjoying the day off with family and friends.

Some of them want to be part of the day and it’s festivities. I understand of course not all of them do.

I’ll give it a read later tonight.

I understand and don’t doubt this at all. Read what I said above to @beastie in this post.


We used to have the Australia Day holiday, but always on the Monday. We used to have 50-over one-days (usual was 35) starting at 10.30, it was always stinking hot and Manikato always used to win the big race. I assume the issue then was that it wasn’t the 26th, but the Monday.

It marks the end of Moyneyana, the summer festival.


They basically will give you any one of 364 other days


Warren Snowden says it is not an issue with indigenous people in his electorate. But good old Warren can change like the wind.


That’s…quite disingenuous.


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