Political Correctness


They do them on the Queen’s birthday holiday too, it literally does not matter what exact date they’re done on.


Not my argument.

Edit: But as you’re the second person to make that…reading, I guess I’ll have to clarify.

It was suggested that Australia Day is just a ■■■■-up for bogans.
I contend that it is not, and cited citizenship ceremonies, honours being granted, and family events as a counter-argument.
Now, if you want to address that, then go for your life.
But please don’t try to draw me into things I never said.


Sure. And?


People protesting it doesn’t make it right.
I’m not a fan of Nazis. Or racists. I think that…should be pretty clear.
I’m not a fan of the jerk anti-war protesters abusing ANZAC Day marchers, either.


But a fan of change for measurable better? Tuck shop lady, if she’s worthy of the medallion, will be just as proud if she receives it on a day that doesn’t make a couple of generations of aboriginal kids she may have served, now adults, feel like sh.it.


Again, not my argument.
I have been very clear about this.

Whatever the date actually falls on, the National Day is the day to hand out National honours.
And whatever the date actually falls on, the National Day will attract White Nationalists.


Ok. Seems a bit metro though cuz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In what way?


Just joking. I’m not sure I even know what metro is supposed to mean. The big smoke houses much variety.


To be fair, I was pretty pleased with my Duke of Edinburgh award.

Pity was that it was awarded to me by a driving instructor.


I’m sure you could flip it for a few sheckels


To me, Australia Day is about celebrating everything that makes this country great. The arrival of the first fleet is a major event in our history and certainly is to be reflected on. So is our indigenous culture, as well as all of the other cultures that exist across the country. It’s a time to reflect on great sporting victories (and failures), watch some sport and listen to the Hottest 100.

FWIW we had a BBQ at ours on the Sunday and 90% of people in attendance were either born in another country (Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Vietnam, Sri Lanka) or their parents were. That’s what makes this country (or at least this city of Melbourne) great. And no one cared if the date was changed either.


You specifically disagreed with a post that said “change the date and…”

Can’t expect everyone else to work out which half of the post you were disagreeing with.


Try the part of the post I was addressing.

Look, if you can’t figure out through context what I’m actually discussing then you’re an idiot or a deliberate troll.


I think I’m the troll and megz and bloodychoir are idiots, but it could be the other way around.


Except it’s nowhere near that.

Some happen then.
Some in June.
Some in march.
Some in September.
Occasionally in November.
It’s a dog’s breakfast.


Well, yes.
That was what you would call an opinion.
Not a statement of fact.
I’m quite aware that honours are handed out, particularly, on actually useless Queen’s Birthday.


Here you go, Birmingham‘s an idiot like me but I enjoy his take on things as well as a few facts thrown in for measure. The upshot is, like politics and cricket, it’s very much a NSW thing. Plus rum and orgies.



Wow, and ewww.
How much does this guy hate Australia?


Not meaning to argue, but it has genuinely not been clear what you have been wanting vs what you are stating is happening now.