Political Correctness


Dreamtime Day?

Schedule it right and the Dreamtime at the G match could coincide.


If only you snowflakes were able to go back to the halcyon days of 60’s, much simplier times.

When you could call a spade a spade and lose your mind over a woman wearing a bikini at a beach.


Yes, a much simpler time.


Gold. :joy:



Man you fap to some weird weird ■■■■.


What’s the take on old Qui-Gon here?



JFC why do anti-PC types always think I’m going to bother watching a 20 fkng minute video.


Right wing YouTube nutters outraged over left wing nutters on twitter getting outraged over Star Wars nerds. We’re solving the worlds problems right here.





FWIW I won’t watch it because it involves Star Wars. Collectively one of the worst fanbases.


There’s a whole bunch of interesting stuff about how Youtube’s algorithms for “suggested” videos work.

Apparently it’s financially rewarding for YT to draw people down the “x DESTROYED by y” rabbithole - which leads into conspiracy theories, then into full blown nutso alt-right ■■■■.


i eavesdropped on a conversation between two dudes having coffee who were arguing over whether the Decepticons were alt left or not.

This whole paradigm has reached peak stupid.


Oh yeah I know how all that goes on.

It seems to be a go-to in these type of discussions where someone will go “here spend an unreasonable part of your day watching some boofhead really poorly articulate a point that I can’t articulate myself at all”


i quite enjoy looking at these videos, is super interesting to see how people extrapolate their position from stuff like this.

what i don’t like is how watching videos like this makes youtube thinks im now interested having a time line full of videos that breach my works EO policy


Hit the dislike button then.


yeah, those sorts of titles are massive click bait for sure


too much effort


You don’t even need the first part to get the second.

Like, I’ll watch a 3 minute video of a Demi Lardner sketch, and then for the next three months Youtube will continually suggest a video where some fat dckhead will spend 15 minutes breaking down why he thinks that 3 minute video isn’t funny.

Notwithstanding the Al Gore rhythm and all that, but it also speaks volumes about the type of person who bothers to create that sort of “content”