Political Correctness

I’m just glad I start on Russian dashcam videos.


Could you imagine someone talking for twenty minutes about nutter right-wing tweets?
Not the President, I mean the real nutjobs.
People in favour of the death penalty for an abortion.
Twenty minutes of that crap.
You’d question their sanity, wouldn’t you?

As for someone who reposted it…

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I’d question my own if I listened to it.

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You’ve basically described every current Late-night talk show on television.

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My wife has just been notified that as part of her federal allocated online baby group for our 4th child, that participants are not allow to openly discuss recommended sleep times for babies that may assist mothers who are struggling to get their babies to sleep.

Its apparently “triggering” to others.

This is the ■■■■■■■ reality of the world we live in 2019. It’s not just neckbeards making YouTube clips at 40 in their mums basements.

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I can’t follow that mate. Fourth you say?

They have been ordered under threat of deportation have they. Or you mean it’s just a recommendation.


People cant handle the modern day Internet.

It peaked with footy forums about 15 years ago.

Has been downhill ever since.

I have certainly lost my marbles.

Now where is me smartphone.

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I have a Islamic mate called Dajib (won’t say his last name but let’s just say it wasnt Smith) who was suggested by his employer that he consider a more Australian name like David.

So he went down to births deaths and marriages and changed his name to Dajib Banjo Wallaby

What a legend.


Convince me you didn’t make that up !

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Totally legit I’ll see if he can send me a pick of the letter from BD&M

Got my wires a little crossed, coz another mate who works at the same place told he the story. He changed it to Djib Yass (where he first lived when he came here, he thought using banjo would ■■■■ to many people off) Wallaby

Edit. He didn’t want me sharing that

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Do you call him TIPPA?

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Should hey

Yep, … even if he prefer’s Walla.

Spends all that money and even more time waiting to be served just to change his name to ■■■■ off his boss???


What terrible execution on that meme. Try again rosso.

Was at 6 in the morning,

Take a look at Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards (@_DHOTYA): https://twitter.com/_DHOTYA?s=09

Go for this one

Oh, But I like laughing at the crackpots on the Internet