Political Correctness

Welcome to the Brave New World!

Life mostly assuredly had much more freedom when I was younger. I am nearly starting to subscribe to the theory that us Baby Boomers have so much to answer for.

While sitting in a dry seat at “Marvel” or the G is nice, I cannot smoke, I cannot take my own esky and now I cannot call an umpire a green maggot or a flog !! While I am not fussed about smoking, and my capacity to drink has diminished, passionately supporting my Team is my right. I don’t swear or abuse our Players, but reserve the right to call out incompetent umpires and opposition mongrels like Stratton.

These “officers” who want me to be aware of my behaviour can GAGF. It will end up that no-one will go to the footy.


See you in jail then. :joy:

I want the top bunk and I am Bubba !

You speak out against political correctness and then sign off with that ‘I am…’ crap.

What happened to him?
Body shaming?

Just as well I live in NSW and get to only a few games. If I lived in Melbourne I would probably be banned by the PC AFL Police Force on my first appearance.

The AFL simply cannot control everything and as they try more things will become apparently out of control.

What I want to know is how far off are we for the AFL Party in Parliament???

WTF ???

I was making the funny.

I was at Windy Hill in the 1970s very close (2 or 3 metres) to Kevin Murray as he ran out leading Fitzroy. Murray had won a stack of B&Fs and a Brownlow and was often referred to as the old man of football. I yelled out - here’s the old man of football. Two very old Fitzroy supporters told me I was a fuc&ing little c^%t who should shut his mouth. It didn’t scar me despite my tender age. They probably had a reasonable point.

I think most of our critique of swearing is hypocritical, as we have these changeable rubbery standards as to when and where it’s ok. I think swearing to emphasise something even in public is harmless (The umpiring is farking hopeless today) and if someone takes offence it’s their problem. If it’s strong personal abuse then it’s not ok because of the aggressive nature rather than the words used.

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I feel like if everyone was made to wear fedoras we’d all behave much better.

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Going to the footy to watch Coleman


Going to the footy to watch Sidebottom


Also, worried about his behaviour in public being censored

Worried about catching Polio from the urinals


I don’t even want to think about Joffa’s pubic behaviour.

Mustafa Kemal, the first Turkish President, actually tried to do this in the nineteen twenties.

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Was he the one who said “I can’t recall the name, but the fez is familiar”?

Because of that, he banned the fez.

He never fezzed up to it.

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I think there is a difference if it is a general employee, versus one who is probably paid a marketing wage (if its anything like the AFL). If you’ve taken money from someone to promote their product, and be the face of that product, then I don’t think the person employing you is out of bounds expecting you to be civil to all of the potential customers. To not embarrass them.

It gets more interesting if he’s not paid an explicit marketing allowance. To what degree are sportsmen now marketers versus their job just being playing on the weekend and turning up for training? Given I bet their contracts contain heaps of clauses around being available for journalists, promotional shoots etc., I suspect even a standard contract would be deemed as having some element of marketing.

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