Political Correctness


Can you try and talk in specifics rather than generalities?


The ABC's commitment to covering regional news is unparalleled in this country, perhaps any country.
You talk about ABC women being the most privileged in the country in terms of salary.
I would suggest that they, and women presenters in general, would by industry comparison be the most underpaid.
Your question about 'what the male presenters will be doing' is stupid. They'll be rostered off. The women presenters will be coming off their regular shifts to work today.
Your comments are scarily anti-women, and predictably anti-ABC.
You accuse them of failing at the very things they excel at.
You are a numpty.


And once again you cannot help yourself. Just have to throw in some abuse.

Firstly - thanks for the endorsement in your first sentence. Did you pull that off the ABC website or their PR company?

ABC presenters are overpaid based on the ratings they bring in compared to their commercial counterparts.
Some examples:
Tony Jones - 360K pa
Juanita Phillips - 320k pa
Quentin Dempster (host one 1/2 program per week - 290k
Barrie Cassidy - one hour per week on Sunday - 243K
Paul Barry - 15minutes per week - 200k]
Fran Kelly - 250k pa

None of the above would get anywhere near those salaries on commercial TV with the numbers they pull in.

So the fill-in women presenters will be coming off their regular shifts. Well then, who is doing these jobs for the day?
Obviously not very critical are they ?

I'm not anti-women - I'm anti wasting peoples money and hypocrisy.

I look forward to being abused again.


Wow, TV presenters only work the hours they are shown on TV. Next you'll be saying movie actors only work for 2 hours cause the film is 2 hours long.


I'm sure you can manage that sort of research yourself.

Also you did state that given you put their on air show times up. If it wasn't to demonstrate that, what else is it there for?


Ah Blitz, my number 1 educator :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm glad you look forward to my abuse, because I have so very much to give.
It's nice that ABC salaries are publicly available, isn't it.
Wouldn't it be good to see how much Koch is paid compared to Armitage,
And since it;s all down to ratings, whatever clown we get to bring back Australia's Funniest Home Videos would be the highest paid person in television.
■■■■ me, the guy who does the voiceover on Border Patrol must be rolling in it.
Oh, I nearly forgot the abuse.
Your last par?
You're just being an asshat and you should be ashamed of yourself.
Although I'm probably ashamed of you enough for both of us.

And I'm done with this.
Makes me feel filthy just debating such...really weird hatred.


ABC salaries are not generally publicly available. Those salaries are from a leaked document from 2 years ago that was made available to the wider media.

Your comparisons to commercial presenters are moot - you see, they are not paid by the taxpayers, ie you and me. Hence why one set of salaries in in the public interest and the other isn't. Shouldn't be that hard to understand I would have thought.


You're right.
They're irrelevant.
What's relevant is you want to ■■■■ on the idea of women presenting on International Women's Day.
And you have.
Well done.
How very proud you must be.


Wouldn't have anything to do with ABC announcing the reorganization and cost cutting exercise today?

Massive coincidence if it's not. But when it comes to Trip I don't believe in coincidence. Not only has your posting today been pretty ugly, but if as I suspect it's part of a coordinated attempt to discredit the ABC to distract attention, wow that's some seriously ugly work. If I said what I thought it would be just a bunch of censored words.


Yeah, commercial stations depend on imaginary fairy dust and the invisible hand. We don't contribute compulsorily to them via most everything we buy and use. C'mon.


Are we not allowed to be critical of how our taxpayer money is spent because it involves diversity or gender or whatever PC nonsense is in vogue at the time.
I didn't know the thought police had outlawed that as well.


You didn't know it was a misogynist too?


Are you against the men's shift at my hospital?
That's your taxpayer dollars at work too (although fuck knows how moving shifts around costs more).


I have no specific details so impossible to answer.



Oh, please do tell me what specific details you require.
I can't wait to hear how up in arms you are about it!
And that this isn't just woman-hating.


Well the name of the hospital would be a good start. Its location. The name of the Program you are referring to. How long its been running for. What is the premise behind the idea?

Detailed stuff you know.

Otherwise nobody has a clue what you are referring to.


It's not a program.
The idea is that, as men are a minority in the industry, we have one shift per month to enjoy the company of men.
There are campfire rituals where we unleash the power of the primal warrior.

Actually, we don't do that, but I'd be up for it.
I've mentioned where I work before.
I don't see what possible relevance whether it's in Darwin or Dimboola has though.


Except then their success is highlighted on a day designed to highlight women?


If I got a gig for a day because of the chromosome I was born with rather than what I actually did then I would be pretty bloody insulted to be honest.
Are women so crap at everything they need days like tomorrow?

And again the point is that women at the ABC are hardly the ones who face daily discrimination. They have some of the best conditions and pay scales in the world. For them to take part in some sort of victimhood statement is grossly demeaning to women who are actually doing it tough.