Political Correctness


I think he knows that.


You should go and talk to a trans person one day.


Do you know any? I don’t.


So you’re a fan of the English version of The Office?


I do, I will introduce you


I’m not surprised.


Some years ago I actually spent several months working quite closely with a trans woman, spending hours at a time one on one with her. She was around 50 and I knew that she had had the surgery about 15 years earlier but the topic of her sexuality was never mentioned as it wasn’t relevant to our work. I can’t imagine what soul-searching she went through, especially considering the virtually exclusively masculine field she was working in, and I had no trouble treating her always as a woman, despite the fact that she was quite obviously a man who had undergone a large amount of radical surgery.

There are two quite distinct questions. One is how you should treat a person of one sex who wishes to behave as a member of the other. The answer to that is that within reason you treat them as they wish to be treated. That only becomes problematic when the individual in question wants to be a male one day, a woman the next day, a male again the day after, and so on; but such people are happily rare. Or there are those who don’t want to be either,who also are rare and just plain silly.

The second question is how to treat them when it is sex that matters, for sporting competitions, medical treatment, passports, birth certificates. To me the answer is clear. Biology wins.


I think each sport should work on a quota system - for every trans/inter person to compete against women there needs to be a corresponding person competing in the mens comp :wink:


Not sure if anyone’s heard of Blaire White. She’s a transgender youtuber that provides an interesting perspective on things. She believes amongst several things, that children should not be allowed to transition. Some food for thought.


I’d probably turn to medics for advice but it would be interesting to hear why.

It seems a trans person going through puberty is one of the most dangerous times for them health/mental health wise.


Gender theory has nothing to do with medical science. It’s ideology. They’ll tell you otherwise, but that’s what it is.


You meant Psychology, … right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ideology is like Churches saying being Gay is against a mythical sky fairies rules.


Of course they shouldn’t be. They’re idiots.


Is a GP a medic? They’re the starting point for a child’s diagnosis.

I’m happy with what I wrote. Care to prove it’s ideology?


Let em go.

But if you want to play sport. You play with the bits you were born with.

That means as fellas we have to be fine playing sport with a transgender woman, just as women need to be fine playing sport with a transgender bloke*

  • up to some point, because I assume male hormones are performance enhancing, so if a transgender man has had hormone therapy their would have to be some limit…

I see it more of an issue in women’s sports, so I think women should be left to decide who they should play against.


Imagine being to the conservative right of Tony Abbott?
On any issue?


Stop talking rubbish.

Plenty of people would be concerned about this topic.


might be yesterdays news but I’m over quotas for women in anything.

do we have quotas for kindergarten teachers, executive assistants, yoga instructors, beauticians or any other field that’s overwhelmingly female?

why is it only a problem in male dominated industries?

why force quotas if most of the competent people who put their hand up are of the opposite gender?

or sexual preference, or race or faith or anything for that matter.

the last 4 competent people I have hired. 2 women, one 65 yr old asian man and a guy who happens to be Muslim.

they all got the job because they were the best who presented for the positions.

I freaking hate quotas. so what do you tell your daughter? she will be a quota hire? or encourage your son not to do something…step aside because a woman is required for her female view.

I’m sorry but I have had a gutful.


What field is the quota in?


Why does sex matter re passports, all medical treatments and birth certificates? Australian law allows for the X identification as the alternative to M/F and for adjustment of birth certificates ( based on rigorous procedures for the latter).
As to sport, the sport bodies have focussed on testosterone as the sole determinant, with some of the science being questioned by reputable scientists and in some cases successfully challenged through the courts… There was a huge issue relating to the Indian sprinter Duttee Chand, a female with abnormally high testosterone levels. IIRC, she successfully challenged an IAAF decision requiring medical intervention to compete as a female.