Political Correctness


Some massive generations here.


Not picking a fight, just asking for information, but what do you mean exactly by punished for having kids?


There are studies to back me up on most of it


Essentially my (female) boss has indicated that unless I give up my full time hours permanently (my award allows me to be part time until my children are school aged whilst maintaining my full time hours) I won’t be looked at for promotion.

Also, despite being more experienced then most people in my department those who are full time always gets looked at first for projects that would be great to further my career despite them ring easily done by someone part time.


Thanks. That seems completely unfair. If it’s part of the award and you keep exact records of what she says you should be able to take action about that


I got rung by a head-hunter asking about a guy who I didn’t rate. We’d found he’d charged a client for about 3 hours work when no change had been made to the program (probably now works for AMP). He severely lacked personal hygiene and he was an aggro creep when out at bars with the other boys from work.

I was quite diplomatic about it, and asked the head-hunter what she thought of him. She came round to my way of thinking quite quickly after I asked a couple of questions.


She was quite subtle about it unfortunately.


Does she have a boss you can “chat” to?


Catch 22. If you take action your definitely not getting opportunities or promotion.


She’s the one who pressures my boss to continually ask about my contract (again despite the union saying they’re not supposed to). Frustrating that the chain is women all the way up except the CEO and women are still disadvantaged.


There are plenty of studies where, for example, changing names on CVs to indicate (or not) gender or ethnic status made a statistically significant difference in whether interviews were offered.


So is this a budget driven issue for your bosses, rather than an “anti-mother” issue?

The law is the law so they should accept it. If you’re a good employee, then a smart employer would work out how best to work through this period.


are the others getting on the projects because they have it their development plan?

I’m my industry, that who gets asked to do all the extra work, and that leads to promotions.

Also, they might think you don’t want to be involved because of your current situation.

IDK, I just always assume the best of people, and it’s usually communication rather than spite.


I have made it clear in my twice yearly performance enhancements and multiple times in between.


Would be, partially. All done subtly, manager leans on their underling, leans on their underling etc.
and they all have to toe the line, or they won’t get looked at for promotion.
Public health are shockers. They sign the contracts, it’s all there in black and white, and you still often need to get the union involved.


Yeah, my wife cops it in her industry as well. She’s a research scientist and she is still being penalised in both rem range and potential promotions because she has a publication gap in the 3 years of her career she was either part time or on maternity leave when she had our children, and the papers she does publish even though she is the lead author often when her papers are cited in other publications if the secondary author is male, they get credited and she doesn’t.

With that being said it cuts both ways. I used to be the only male social/youth worker in a 100k radius and everyone assumed I was some sort of sexual predator given how rare it was to see a man in the role, the only cases I got where other males, and my case load was 3 times larger than anyone else’s. When I attempted to take stress leave from being burnt out I was literally told the company expected me to have a tougher resolve. Where as all the female staff could have personal days when ever they wanted.

I want to make this very clear. There is not a man vs woman problem in the work place, but gender profiling is rife


While I get what you are saying beni about the issues with your wife’s professional life, you and her made the choice to have a family, and along with that come changes and sacrifices.

That said, we do much collaborative work with Universities and generate a number of published papers each year. We refuse to let any names on these papers that didn’t do the work. It came from our first paper with a Victorian university who wanted a whole swag of do nothing’s credited.


Feminism helps men too by getting rid of these stereotypes :slight_smile:


It sucks that all your managers are women becuase in a weird way men can actually be more supportive.

Some older women can think “well I went through this so can you”. Where as good male leaders can be so conscious of being “champions” they will go out of there way to help people in your situation.


Since this is the personal anecdote thread, I’ll chip in with ‘of the 10 people I employ, all are female, and my female partner earns more than twice what I do’.