Political Correctness


Yeah but pimping and your madam doesn’t count.

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For starters, I’d ask her to put it in writing , including her reasons. If she won’t, keep meticulous records and pass them on to HR.
Do you have a performance assessment system involving a record for your comments and an upward assessment process?
Once, when I worked for a sociopath who said I was hopeless, I asked why I had such good assessments from previous supervisors. She said they were not honest. I recorded that and the other sprays she gave me on the forms, sent it off to HR and previous supervisors ( some of whom were quite high up). She got sent to charm school and was very humble thereafter.


A certain Victorian Institute that I an another BBer worked at (and is very well known locally and even famous internationally) received black marks for not supporting gender neutral policies (or whatever the PC term was).

This despite ALL its senior positions including the Director, the General Manager and the Head of HR were women.

The problem was just that they were not competent enough and did not fill in the right forms.


My supervisor complains, behind my back to ither colleagues about my work hours. I do school pick up 3 days a week which she cobsiders ver inconvenient.


Why is it very inconvenient? We have rules about scheduling of meetings and assessing what work needs to be undertaken at certain times.
I’ll give Downer his due. One afternoon we were doing a briefing with him, some of those with young children started looking anxious. Downer asked what was wrong. I said that childcare closed in an hour ( thinking there goes my career) . He actually thanked me for telling him and rearranged the meeting agenda to cover the issues in their areas of expertise so that they could pick up the kids on time.


You mean that when another publication cites one of her lead-authored publications, her name gets omitted from the bibliography entry and the second, male author is credited as the lead? If so, that is bizarre and I’ve never heard of anything like it. I don’t even know how that would be possible given how journals and citations are indexed and tracked.

I agree that women have a harder time in science than men though, and it’s already a tough career as it is.


Because she likes to hold meetings at 4.30 to 5.00pm because she starts at 9.30am (her choice, no carer responsibilities).

If given a day notice i can swap pick up duties - which I’ve done numerous times over the last few months.


Hopefully the childcare centre they built gets them over the line.


When you don’t(‘gender profile’) or do not show unconscious bias. (my own hiring record and a number of online tests I’ve completed demonstrate I do not). Then the whole gender quota and feminist agenda seems like total bullshit.

I can only assume that the need for quotas is based on others biases.

I hate it and think they are totally unnecessary.

I’d like to see active. ‘male quotas’ at 50 percent or under and see how that’s taken in society.

Frame it that way and you can see how much bullshit it all is.

If you take time out to start a family, you lose out.

Is it fair to penalise the person who has put in the hours just so you can go off and have a kid? Because that’s what’s happening when you reward some for not putting the effort in and others have.

Sorry but I see it as feminist rubbish.


Why are you apologising then?


I smacked a bloke over the back of the head last week because he made the same mistake as he has made on 3 previous occasions again.

I think I was entitled to do it.

I message him later and apologised (I knew he wouldn’t take it further, but I felt bad). He responded and said I should have used a piece of wood instead and he apologised again for making the mistake. Even went so far as to say he doesn’t think he should be paid this week because of it.

I like him


… that was built by the next Director (who is male).


Climate change thread was getting boring. I think we have found its replacement.


That little twinge of defiance when you feel a privilege that you’ve benefited from is at threat.


My favourite quote just fits this thread to a tee

“When you’re used to privilege equality feels like oppression”


yep - I know. As I understand it, he’s been very active in this overall space.

General point on the current discussion topic - workforces and workplace attitudes have changed and to address the family issue they need “family-friendly” policies and culture. i.e. relevant to both females and males. As @benfti noted above there can be greater support for females and less for males. So even if the male partner wants to do more they confront resistance.


There is no way the accounting industry is male dominated.


Haven’t used an accounting firm in ages, but just checked my old country one.
8-7 m/f.
Fair to say I was surprised.


Well you’d be wrong.

Yes graduate intake is 50/50 split. But partnership is well and truely skewed male.

But most large firms openly publish the stats and have decent programs to rectify the issues.


What was the partner split though.

2 males for a firm that size?