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This is a couple of years old but female partners are around 20% at the big 4.


You just said being an accountant, not an exec/ partner.

Just because the majority of partners at the big firms are male, it doesn’t make it a male dominated industry.


It’s quite an old firm, I wouldn’t put too much down to that as it would have been passed down family lines.


Well it does, as all the power/decisons are being made by males. This is what stops women having equal opportunity, it is the power and opportunity, not overall number balance.


Fascists have to post somewhere and they finally realised they can’t make subjective arguments about science


If you want arbitrarly define things so an issue disappears go nuts.

For reference

Accountants at a big 4 will earn between 60-150k

Partner earn between 400k and 1million+

You don’t see there is an issue that women find it hard to break into the later category and it’s significant benefits.


I’m not. There’s a difference between the two. The whole proposition changes from ‘its hard for women to crack into the accounting industry’, which is wrong, to ‘its hard for women to get the top positions at major accounting firms’, which based on the evidence you provided is right, but is a much more narrow statement.

I think they’re two different things


A very close friend of our was a Partner at one of the bid 4 accountancy firms.

She did her degree at Uni Melb, worked for the ATO, moved into private practice, was very good at her job and became a Partner earning very big dollars.

She got there due to her ability and that she and her husband decided never to have kids. All about choices, if you are good enough you get to the top.


But Men don’t have to make that decision. In fact Men with families are often looked upon favourably, as unconsciously they appear stable, responsible and have good values.


Except if you have an ethnic sounding name, which statistically makes it harder to even score an interview.


In my experience both partners usually are involved in these decisions. However I get your point, that Men have kids and continue the rise up the ladder.

I don’t get the argument the Women can have a child or many children and still have the expectations to move up the ladder at the same rate.


I’m really struggling to rationalise those two paragraphs.


That’s one of the worst takes in this whole thread.


They can if they have a bloke who will take care of the kids. I’ve done that for the last 15 years. My wife just got a pay rise that’s equal to my entire part time wage. Good on her.


It should be more common . Among my colleagues the woman works three days, he works four and they save a bit on child care costs as well. Neither has had to put their career on hold.


Similar here. We both work FT, but Ms CB does more hours most weeks and has progressed her career (and income) while I haven’t really since we became parents. That’s largely because I put work second to parenting. She has substantially more working life ahead of her so it makes sense for her to maximise her opportunities. She also likes her job more than I do mine.


Ok, thanks.


Anecdotally, it was similar in the Accounting firm I started my career at in Melbourne, graduate intakes can swing between 40-50% female and this number significantly drops after Manager level.



Europe Court Upholds Ruling Against Woman Who Insulted Islam

Human rights court says disparagement of religious doctrines such as insulting the Prophet Muhammad isn’t protected by freedom of expression

By Bojan Pancevski

Europe’s highest human rights court ruled on Friday that disparagement of religious doctrines such as insulting the Prophet Muhammad isn’t protected by freedom of expression and can be prosecuted.

The European Court of Human Rights upheld a 2011 verdict by an Austrian court that sentenced an unnamed woman to pay a fine for alleging that the figurehead of Islam had pedophilia tendencies.

The woman was originally convicted under Austria’s law against disparaging religious doctrines for referring to the marriage between the Prophet and a six-ear-old Aisha as “pedophilia” at a 2009 seminar, sponsored by the right-wing populist Freedom Party, entitled “Basic Information About Islam.”

She appealed the verdict to the Strasbourg-based ECHR, a supranational court that hears human rights appeals from citizens of 47 European countries, arguing that she aimed to contribute to a public debate.

The ECHR said it rejected her appeal after finding that the Austrian courts “carefully balanced her right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected, and served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in Austria.”

The verdict comes amid heightened tensions in Europe over the role of Islam in Western societies. A surge of anti-Islam groups fueled by an anti-immigration backlash is upending politics across the continent.

According to Islamic teaching, Aisha was one of Muhammad’s wives. The ECHR quoted the woman whose sentence it upheld as having said that the Prophet “liked to do it with children.” The court further cited her as saying: “A 56-year-old and a six-year-old? … What do we call it, if it is not pedophilia?”

Such statements went beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate and could constitute an “abusive attack on the Prophet of Islam” which could “stir up prejudice and threaten religious peace,” the ECHR found.

A panel of seven Judges from Germany, France, Ireland, Latvia, Azerbaijan and Georgia ruled unanimously on the case. The judges said the convicted woman failed to inform her audience of the historical background.

In accusing Muhammad of “primary sexual interest in children’s bodies,” the woman disregarded that the marriage had continued until the Prophet’s death, when Aisha had turned 18—effectually ruling that a child marriage need not be motivated by paedophilia, the Austrian court found.

Her comments “could only be understood as having been aimed at demonstrating that Muhammad was not worthy of worship,” the ECHR said.

The woman will have to pay a fine of €480 ($612) and cover the costs of her trial.

The ECHR has a history on ruling on sensitive issues related to Islam, often upholding measures that contradict Islamic practices. In 2014 and 20017, the court upheld French and Belgian bans of burqas and other Islamic garments that fully cover women’s faces. In 2017, it also endorsed a decision by Swiss authorities that Muslim schoolgirls had to take compulsory swimming classes.

Austria is among several European countries that have so called blasphemy laws in their penal code. The Austrian caricaturist Gerhard Haderer was sentenced to six months in prison by a Greek court in 2005 for depicting Jesus as smoking marijuana and surfing over the Sea of Galilee.


That’s ridiculous.