Political Correctness


I’m saddened they just can’t paint their faces without screams of racism. And not just kids either. There is a difference between racism and celebration as far as I am concerned. We are becoming a bit over sensitive, and a bit myopic in some of our behaviours.


Particularly and especially since it is an actual mask that BP wears.


Who is this “we”?

A jaded journalist writing opinion pieces in one of our daily rags?

Some coked out Channel 7 ‘celebrity’?

An intellectual abc TV presenter?

I just don’t get it. This concept of ‘we’ irritates me immensely.

Socialist clap trap.




Like ‘we all own something’ ergo “we all have to do or say something”

Grinds me.


We is our society.
In our case western societies.
It doesn’t mean every individual is like that, but our society as a whole is.

Not hard to understand really.


Well get off the Grinder then. Delete the app and be free of the socialist media.


What ever happened to anyone expressing an opinion with “I” not “we”.

BTW this has nothing to do with your post, it’s a bugbear I have with the English language.


Not sure you have any understanding at all about Socialism


Does Pollies continually saying “The Australian People want …” when they only ever are speaking about just on or slightly over, and sometimes under 50% of the Aust People that support them qualify as Politically Incorrect?

Because it is.

Surely they should be saying " … at least / almost / just over HALF the Australian People want / believe etc…"

Fk that shitz me.






They are just non-core promises.


Everybody says everything is socialist or fascist these days. It’s ridiculous, people are hysterical.


But I like socialism.
If someone calls me a socialist I think…yes? And?


“Um…Stalin…um…dole bludger…um, ah fark it, FA**OT!!”


I like democracy And not having to keep a seperate personal fund for surgery.


Health care: You’re a socialist
Border control: you’re a facist and racist
Abortion: You’re a murderer


Again, I only see three of those four things as an insult.


All people everywhere are generalising fucktards.


Particularly all you Italians.