Political Correctness


Had them falling over in the aisles.


Yep. Every uni has an obligatory handful of student union types, the only way they can get any traction is by being outrageous.


Student politics is much like real politics, except its a thousand times more petty and is of zero consequence to anyone outside their little bubble. It’s all about the point-scoring and getting one up over their opponents.


The tragic thing is that it wasn’t a joke. It’s quite harrowing to hear loud cheers as he talks about “revolutionary suicide”.

Most of the people there were black. His “big thing” was racial integration.


I’m not sure I’d want to listen to that.


It’s not an enjoyable experience. I only listened to try and understand what could possibly have led so many people to take their own lives. But I still don’t understand.


Unfortunately there are a lot of gullible weak minded people that are easy manipulated by others


Religion, politics , ■■■■ Carlton, the list goes on.


Thanks, you were a wonderful audience. Stupid also.


Who said this?


Further up


Yeah nah.

I said University wasn’t required to get the information any more.

I never said you don’t need a degree to get a job any more.

But you knew that already.


Get a dilploma in a course that’s been phased out that’s in its last year and get your qualification because they couldn’t make you come back next year. And they couldn’t be stuffed. And it was being replaced with a health science degree. And you drank with half the teachers. And there was a critical shortage of professionals in the state.

That’s all hypothetical of course.


Uni was all about learning soft skills

More importantly, how not to act when you get a job in the real world :joy::joy:


Critical thinking, developing an argument and providing analysis to support the argument is something that you could learn yourself on the internet? Writng for different audiences?

I have two degrees and use the skills and knowledge i developed everyday at work.


Who will critically analysis the information, test it, come up with new ideas or advancement if not universities? Where will the growth in our knowledge happen?


There’s a massive difference between people at uni for research vs people there for an undergrad.



That’s your example?


I’m staggered that this needs to be repeated.

There has been a radical change in how information is distributed, and the idea that this will have long term affects on previous gatekeepers to information, is apparently a crazy idea?

Ironically, if less money and space was spent on cramming 400 students at a time in a lecture theatre - listening to lectures of now freely available information - it would leave a lot more money and space for the scientific research crew.


I thought everyone just watched lectures on line from their bed these days.