Political Correctness


I won’t do it!


I missed about 2 tutes or lectures in 4 years.


Getting a degree in law, medicine or engineering doesn’t make someone a lawyer, doctor or engineer. The professional associations will remain the gatekeepers.


If only there were a way to learn how to do that.


I love you Peos but this is pretty silly.

Digging holes in the backyard, while a practical skill, would not make me a horticulturalist.


Is there any reason why lectures can’t be Skyped?


Arts, huh?


I’m torn between putting this in the Annoyances thread or in here.

Anyway wrap your minds around this pearler:

Yesterday, I was at a kindergarten, visiting. The kids were having lunch - all seated around a few tables, lunchboxes out, nibbling away and chatting to each other. I was killing time, moving a chair between tables and talking to the tykes, mainly about the contents of their respective lunchboxes. There was all sorts of stuff - from uber-healthy ensembles to horrendous verging-on-child-abuse packs. Kids were showing me their food, and I was making light comments - nothing strong, of course.

Anyway - after a rather rotund child told me specifically (and I quote) “my mother doesn’t give me any healthy food”… a teacher came up to me and said - I kid you ■■■■■■■ not…

“We aren’t allowed to discuss healthy versus unhealthy food in the childrens’ lunch anymore”.

When I asked why - she explained that it was ‘parent shaming’ and was now banned.

I don’t know what else to say about this, other than … ah… I got nothing.


Is Skype a University???


They are. Online teaching is definitely a thing.


Let me put it this way.

If you had an employee (Rob from Sales) and you wanted him to upskill into digital marketing, you could have him completely up to speed in 6 months for little to no cost. (As long as he is computer literate, of course.)

He wouldn’t be digging holes, he’d be learning how to use the Digital marketing products and tools directly from the people who create the products and tools.

I’m not saying the pretend made up home-schooled degree will be enough to get a job on it’s own, but I am saying it’s be enough to do the job.

And I’m also broadly saying that Marketing - and digital marketing in particular - is not that friggin hard. (But that’s a whole other thing)


I don’t see why it couldn’t be physics.
But that’s the point. I’m asking.

Edit: In fact, Arts would be one thing it probably shouldn’t be. Anything performance based.


Also, despite having a great deal to say on this, I actually don’t really care that much.

This is such an off season thing to talk about…


Not sure this makes you job ready (particularly for performance) but you’d learn a friggin lot.


No. The sleeping on a mate’s floor qualifies you for an Arts degree.

(Terrible joke.)


That’s a great joke!


That’s far closer to the “reading the back of the box” end of the learning scale than the “tertiary qualification” end

I know right.


University was all about drinking and women. I still want to be living in the Seventies


You’re not?



I will never reach seventy, so the Bombers need to win flag soon