Political Correctness


Is there even a uni bar anymore


I did like the uni bars, though.
Could never get a taste for cider, unfortunately.


Nobody is allowed to be ashamed any more. It’s against the law. Even if they damn well ought to be ashamed.


All politicians should be ashamed, permanently.


Agree, In my experience people who poopoo uni degrees either went and studied a crappy degree with little practical use, or didn’t go to uni all.


To me this is an example of political fuckheadedness gone mad.

I’ve been to two of these over the 12 years they have been running and it’s just good times and great Basketball.

Trust me on this, the same people who complain about political correctness going over board are the same cuckholes jump up and down so this ■■■■ happens.


The last 20 years in a nutshell. Cause it, then whine about it.


…and therefore aren’t entitled to an opinion, of course.


beni is correct even more than me. So opinion is worthless, just follow his doctrine.


As I posted in the Politics thread, the actual answer to most of these cases is almost always something mundane, like the organisers not having public liability insurance.


The major reason (which you allude to) is that companies are rubbish at recruitment, and want to be able to put labels on people so they can quickly filter down. Therefore things like the Uni, course, and results are used as a quick way of trying to identify the good talent.

Realistically, many jobs if they could somehow identify the right candidates through an algorithm, would probably be almost as happy taking the kids without the degree.


Most of the higher level theoretical degrees are, frankly, completely useless at Uni level. Actuarial, economics, sociology, criminology, physics, maths, engineering can all be taught over any forum. Where unis have a small edge is the availability of people you can ask questions of (whether tutors, lecturers) and assignments which you get a response on. Oh, and access to journals.

Higher learning is far more important institutions for anything physical, such as chemistry, many arts, professions where actually seeing how something is done, and physically doing it is critical.

Lol, correlation is not causation. Those going to Unis are already selected to be either from better off families or those who are very smart (maybe a handful of hard workers as well), and the whole system is geared to reward those children of the middle and upper class. So no wonder it results in better outcomes, it is rigged to do so.


I have a theory that ‘top-grade hockey players are more likely to be attractive than average’.


Um, that doesn’t appear to be political correctness gone wrong. That seems to be blatant racism and stereotyping, the things that political correctness is meant to fight. Unless I’m reading that twitter wrong?


Well it’s fine to have an opinion, but it’s not the same if it’s going contrary to a really well informed one.

People seem to think in today’s day and age that all opinions are equal.

They just ■■■■■■■ aren’t.

If I want to know about carpentry, I’m not going to talk to my vet. I’m sure she has strong opinions on pine though.

There is this undertone or people who seem to think Universities just doing case case studies on the impacts of gender fluid owners on kittens.

Wake the ■■■■ up, this is happening so people will keep you stupid.

We need more people going to university, not less.


It’s not that, I know the organisers of this event what’s going on is exactly what they are saying is going on.


I’m not sure that university is the right place for a hell of a lot of school-leavers though. I’d rather they went into trades or other labouring work.

I’ve always felt that recent governments want lots of students because it fudges the unemployment numbers.


Unis need to lift their game with a lot of courses.


It’s a simple equation. The education level on average is on an upwards curve while the level of jobs has flatlined. Universities have committed the biggest fraud in the last century


I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick there

He’s saying it’s the people complaining about “political correctness gone mad” who are the same ones that would’ve complained about the event

I think Mrs Phad something to do with this at some point. Used to be at Dandie yeah benefit??