Political Correctness


I’m so lining up Finance and Accounting degrees next!


Well that’s me ■■■■■■


economics survives to live another day.


its what you learn after you know it all that counts!


Careful, … your confirmation bias is showing.

You meant 'explains" right?


To be fair they don’t have a Nobel prize in marketing.


Exposes some of the atrocities associated with Islam.


Uh, well in that case - duh. Main people most against political correctness are racists.


If you mean Islamic extremists, … no one needs to read any papers from scholars to “expose” the atrocities of those types, (who are to Islam, what your mate Hitler there was to Christianity.)

They would however have to read a few little known books and papers and essays and dig deep into almost unheard of historically factual documents to know virtually anything about Western atrocities, … cause they aren’t getting splashed around in right wing brainwashing media every chance they get, … which I take it, you see a lot of.

Some here should track down and watch just Oliver Stones The Untold History of the United States doco series for a nice easy start.

You certainly should, judging by your posts on these matters.


See, already your showing a biased, but more importantly and uninformed opinion. exposes islam? Which Islam? An informed person on Islam would know that there are nearly 30 different chapters of Islam, all with varying interpretations of the Koran.

That’s like saying the views of a Deep South evangelicals is representative of the Catholic Church because they all fall under the banner of Christianity. Or blaming the evangelicals for IRA terrorism.

Talk to people about their interpretation of islam, I bet you Adam Saad would happy to tell you how his faith has shaped him into the outstanding human being he is.


I’m actually starting to wonder if the person with the hitler avatar might not be a bit insensitive to other cultures and religions.


Just in case:

There isn’t a Nobel prize in Economics either.

(If you did know that: apologies for explaining your joke.)



There is, unless it’s some play on words.


You would be referring to The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Is not a Nobel prize.


Well they didnt teach me that at Uni!


And yet you learned it on an online forum.


I learnt it from a podcast.


Get it correct. IRA were freedom fighters.


Freedom fighting evangelicals?


David Koresh, the Pope, same dude man they both wore white sneakers