Political Correctness


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You people think too much
[/quote] :joy:


Oh my - a great comedian.
Who died - 25 years ago…


One mans Terrorist, …


…is another man’s degree-holding muslim.


Yes, … and if they’re there at the protest, then they’ve obviously been told the truth, so what’s the problem ?

It’s good that Kids believe and trust Science, … right?


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Believe it or not people under 18 can have reasoned opinions.

I missed some school days to protest in year 10 about something I believed in and I turned out fine (and we won in the end).


Yep, they’ll learn that the people in charge don’t give a ■■■■ about what happens when they’re dead and gone and that idealism, reason and science don’t stand a chance against ideology, religion and the dollar.
More than they’ll learn in a year of attendance.


Wish I had of thought of that.
I used to love getting suspended. You are hereby sentenced to not have to come to school, watch telly, no homework and pi$s your parents off for the short term.


My mum was at the protest with me. I was not the kind of student to skip school :smile:


I wagged like it was out of fashion.
And then they let me.
I really didn’t like school much.


I also wagged a hell of a lot, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like school.
Loved it.
But you have to maintain a healthy balance. No sense letting it impinge on your social life.
Walked straight into a good job when I left.

Of course if I heard LMW talk like that, I’d go ballistic.


In May 1970, a group of us “wagged” school to March down Bourke Street with 200,000 others to protest our involvement in the Vietnam War.

It was the start of my journey in politics and I am very much in favour of school kids expressing their beliefs.


what chance they would go at 1pm on a saturday…zero


Yes they can. And they can exercise it in their own time.


How I ended up with any meaningful job I’ll never know.
Certainly had nothing to do with my schooling career


Must have been your sparkling personality.
Like me.


This is very funny.
Are you under the impression that they’re employed by someone?
What do you mean by ‘their own time’ and who the hell are you to tell them?


I have been known to talk myself into as many situations as I have out of.
Doesn’t necessarily mean they where good ones tho.


Schooling is compulsory until grade 10.

It’s not being political which is a problem. It’s doing it in lieu of lessons. Or alternatively it’s an organised excursion for a politics class.

Not a ‘strike’. Its ridiculous.