Political Correctness


Political issue of the day? I can see why they don’t want to inherit a ruined planet because of the current generations greed. All of our kids have to live with it why shouldnt they get a say?


I love Vietnam and it’s such a lovely country. I have a very fear though that it is turning into a mini Bali. Da Nang especially has been ruined by the big resorts and influx of tourists. You are currently in a very beautiful patch of the world though


The plan is to turn Da Nang into a bigger Singapore in terms of international business and tourists.

Who said socialism is not capitalist?


Quite possibly a fair way off unless some massive funds are available as Vietnam’s infrastructure is still terrible and all of their airports are third world almost. Singapore is fairly unique as without Changi being quite possibly the best airport and hub in the world the City would be much different. It is very interesting seeing Bangkok, Hong Kong and even Guangzhou spending billions on their airports and infrastructure to try and steal Singapore’s transit passengers


Reckon you are being a bit rough on airports. Hanoi is new and well appointed and spotless. Hue was older and a bit like regional Aust airports, Da Nang is world class and very new.

Vietnam Airlines is also a quality Airline and internal flights are so cheap. I have just booked DaNang to Hanoi return for US$20


Hanoi is nice but still very basic and would need more upgrades to handle an increase in traffic. Ho Chi Minh is in need of urgent attention. Da Nang I will agree is the pick of the bunch and Vietnam airlines excellent with a pretty new fleet. Their A350 they use between Melbourne and HCMC are particularly impressive. To become a major hub though Vietnam would need some massive upgrades to their airports to attract other international airlines and that’s if the government would allow it. There are still very few options to transit through Vietnam currently


This is the actual point here.

They should have more say in this than most of us because its our mess their generation is going to have to clean up


Did this protest become the ’ Austudy Seven ’ who were charged with turning over a police van ? Was good mates with one of the seven and can assure you he was ‘■■■■■■■■ bricks’ until cleared by the courts.


Most probably it was. This was around early 1992.


Absolutely in favour of the kids protesting if it’s a genuine passion of theirs which it obviously is.

Would be interesting to know how many Soccer mums drove their kids in their petrol/diesel guzzling SUV’s post leaving their iPhones on charge all night to make sure they could check in and take phones, all whilst Turing up the ducted aircon to make sure the McMansion is well aired when they return.

I’m all for activism as long as it’s genuine. If you’re going to take your kid into an Evenr like that you’d sure as hell want to have solar panels on your roof


I don’t think that really follows.
They’re protesting about the source of the energy they use.


The argument about how much those who believe in climate change should change their energy consumption is absolutely an interesting issue. I don’t think it applies in the case of children because they lack the agency and the means to make those difficult decisions but it applies certainly in the case of adults.

Yes of course you want the source of the energy to change, and that is the main game, but in the interim, there really isn’t a good moral or philosophical justification for continuing to use so much energy when we knows its actively hurting the planet.

But yeah, to make that argument about school kids? Yeah that’s dumb


I see Jordan Peterson Oz tour tickets for Feb 2019 now on sale. Some cities already sold out.


Hanoi airport was a shithole when I was there, 2010

And I found the internal Viet Air flights pretty rough. People have a very different attitude to things like turning off phones and the “1” piece of carry-on luggage (1 bag… plus 1 laptop… plus 1 guitar… plus 1 suitbag…)


Like all the patronising wanker celebrities telling all the plebs off, but still using private jets.


Vietnam Air or Viet Jet?
Vietnam Air have really lifted their game and is a good solid airline with fairly modern equipment. Viet Jet on the other hand are the budget LCC who I wouldn’t touch




Pretty sure it was Viet Air.
Can’t remember where from, but it was internal in Vietnam.
But then we flew in and out of Vietnam on Viet Air, and it was really good.
Maybe just ■■■■ luck, dunno


I’m gonna take a guess at some racist YouTube ‘celebrity.’


Any examples of said racism?