Political Correctness


You misunderstand me.
I have no idea who it is.
Just a guess given the context of the thread and the post.
I’d further guess anti-immigration, anti-tax and ‘just get some money’ anti-poor.

How am I doing?

I’ll throw in ‘traditional values’ for women.


Ah, my mistake!

But you’re off the mark. Deadset legend.


Well, that was always a risk!


If you like hard right poster boys.


He believes men are violent when they don’t get sex and links this to decrease in violence in societies with “enforced monogamy”. Obviously not taking into account domestic violence in these communities…

Thinks there is a push to feminise men and that masculinity is under threat

Thinks white privilege does the exist


Ah, so I was right about the bit at the end.
Incels, huh?



Hanoi Airport is now very new, efficient and spotlessly clean.

We flew VietAir from Hanoi to Hue and they were as good as Qantas in all aspects. We leave out of Da Nang which is a new Airport as well, but by Singapore Air who I reckon are about as good as it gets.


Haha - interesting responses

I could also add …

  • clinical psychologist with a lot of experience in practice,
  • author and academic at Canadian University in psychology,
  • anti-marxist (because it kills lots of people) and draws parallels between that and the identity politics and the diversity industry operating in academia,
  • pro-democracy and anti-strong man type leadership/dictatorship (whether from left or right),
  • very good at triggering SJWs and make them reach for their epipens or care animal.


As a bit of an elder SJW I doubt your last point very much.
Repugnance isn’t the same as rustled jimmies, and there are few things less dignified than whining that women won’t give you the sex you’re entitled to.


I reckon he’s nailed the last one in this thread alone


Jeez you were doing alright at making him seem credible until that last line.


Remember when being a troll was a bad thing?


I don’t mind the general idea he presents of prioritising the self and all that.

But I think today’s world is hyper-individualistic already and there’s much less sense of community which I personally believe contributes to overall poor mental health, so we could probably do with less of the message he preaches.


Mmm - suddenly you’re an expert on someone you hadn’t heard of this morning. I suggest you do more research rather than read @megz

The guy’s field is mental health and psychology.

  • Why would he advocate or support violence anywhere?
  • He thinks that competence hierarchies are the natural order of animals (including humans) and trying to defy this is risky for humanity.
  • I don’t know any incels and think they are probably overstated and misrepresented by women journalists. However, while incels, to the extent they exist, might be attracted to Peterson they won’t find much comfort there. He tells them to get their own house in order before they criticise anyone else and then go out and face the world and be a good person (not sit in their room whining to others on chat forums).


Genuine trolling is an lost art


How does he resolve being anti-Marxist with believing competence hierarchies are the natural order?




‘Hard right’ doesn’t mean what you think it means.


Aaaahhhh… that explains your ‘just as likely to break the poverty cycle in Somalia as you are in the US’ comment. Got me hook, line and sinker.

Well played, sir!


How long till the footy season starts again