Political Correctness



I feel like PETA got infiltrated by a bunch of anti-PETA trolls sometime in the 80s, and they haven’t noticed yet.


Jordan Peterson is great. He’s definitely not sexist/racist/far right or any of that bad stuff. Very interesting dude. Always taken out of context though so there’s a lot of bad misinformation around the internet about him.


JP is a legend


In my experience kids know when their parents are being Luddite ■■■■■ long before mum and dad have that realisation


To that end I hope all the science deniers hand back their mobiles, don’t get vaxinated, stop taking perscription medicines, don’t use computers, go back to a melways, don’t refidgerate their food, don’t use air travel, and die in their 40’s, because ■■■■ science… it’s all bullshit


This what PETA do. Throw something stupid out there (like when they suggested Hunters and Collectors should change their name or a town in England called wool to Vegan Wool), the media go nuts and they get free publicity.

Best to ignore them and they may go away


I like how you’ve given them a Melways. Like there was no science involved. Very kind of you.


I’m a people person


In defence of that image, ■■■■ like this happens when we suddenly can’t sing baa baa black sheep and can’t give people a title in case they get offended.

PETA are stupid, as are many many others


Nah he’s a charlatan


I’m sure Karl Popper would delight in a psychologist criticising Marxist analysis.


Not soon enough.


No he’s not mate. But he’s definitely not everyones cup of tea.


Your opinion. I’ve gone and seen him speak live, when he’s talking about certain topics he’s pretty insightful but on certain topics he’s deliberately obtuse and obfuscating.


To my three young’s sons, and daughter, good luck growing up with the new wave of nonsense.


Watched the first two minutes where the guy establishes that he as an agenda and tells people ‘it’s just a bit of fun.’
I’m with the people avoided him.
Why do you seek out this sort of bile?
There really is so much more to life.



No selective editing going on there at all.



Confirmation of non critical thinking?