Political Correctness


And what percentage of uni students live in colleges?


I would have thought these sorts of things would have been practised in the 70’s and before…if at all.

And I was there in the days of Vietnam war rallies…when 20yo’s were liable for conscription.


[quote=“Saucy, post:1556, topic:3794, full:true”]Also Comedy really is dying because of it.

I think this is a load of poop.

Any comedian who struggles because of PC is a ■■■■ truck who doesn’t have the requisite skill in their craft.
Ie Austen tayshus or Kevin ■■■■■■ wilson.


Ah the golden shower age of comedy


I’m just saying, Bogut went on record as saying the calls for sensoring the timeouts in prime time broadcast games was and I’m quoting “the PC brigade need to get over it” re the swearing not being beeped out during the time outs


Talking about the death of comedy due to political correctness in an age where we have Jimmy Carr and Jim Jeffries is in itself pretty funny.

You can make a joke about literally anything, but if it’s not funny then it kinda ceases to be a joke.


Yeah that’s pretty stupid on his behalf then mate. The majority of reason why he’s still making a wage playing NBL is because of the young viewers.


What if some people find it funny and other people find it highly offensive? That is the problem with it all, who defines what is funny? The individual does, however, now we have people who say other people aren’t allowed to enjoy it because they themselves don’t like it.

Jim Jeffries only became mainstream when he started bashing Trump. People even forgive the fact that he once admitted to drugging and raping a 17 year old girl. That is a fact, he has taken down many videos on youtube of him saying it.

You can literally say anything, however the consequences differ on your politics, who the joke is about, etc.

Bill Maher jokingly said to a black guest on his show “I’m a house ■■■■■■” and got a slap on the wrist, Roseanne Barr said a black politician looked like an ape on her twitter, and an entire show gets shutdown with hundreds of people losing their jobs. (Neither of them should have been fired)

It’s far more complex than just if a joke is funny or not.


Garbage about Jeffries success having anything to do with Trump (and pretty much all comedians get stuck into Trump).
He became popular when he did his guns bit.

I also don’t know how you think my point had anything to do with his personal life.

I guess I’ll have to make it again. Carr and Jeffries show that you can say Anything if it’s funny.
Any subject.


That’s not even vaguely close to true.


He had a network special in 2009.

He cracked it -big - in the US before really doing much of anything here.


Also hey guys you know what’s a very funny joke? Hitler.


I still laugh every now and then about him only having one nut.


Oh come on dude, Hitler was somebody’s son or brother.

Do you mean people can get away with saying anything they like if it’s funny? Because there are lots of people who have gotten into trouble for making jokes that some would consider funny.

There are comedians who can get away with far more because of their political beliefs, compared to comedians who may be more conservative. I gave you an example in my previous post.

What Jeffries does now isn’t edgy comedy. He makes fun of Trump and anything conservative the whole time, it’s the safest thing you can do these days. If you compare his comedy now to say 6-8 years ago he has sold out.

Jimmy Carr is certainly one who pushes the envelope with some of his jokes.


The one liner comedian who’s main earn is as a panellist (and host) on prime time TV on the BB flipping C?

You’re right that there’s not many conservative comedians. Well, not any funny ones, anyway.


FWIW, he’s actually making a really solid point about homosexuality, in that is not a choice, and if I’m completly honest, I did laugh at the joke, However his delivery was a bit clunky with it, he comes across in such a way that it sounded for a split second like he was making fun of gay black people. But in isolation, his build up puts it in context but the punchline was too far away from the story, and he was playing to the 140 character generation. I reckon a few better stand ups may have been able to get that joke to fly in a way that wouldn’t have ■■■■■■ people off. Tbh, if he retooled it a bit he could probably easily keep it in his act.


You’re all over the place.
I’m not interested in Trump. Or what Bill Maher said on a talk show.

If you’re skilful enough, no topic is out of bounds for comedy.
If you don’t have the skills then anything even mildly risqué is going to sound boorish and offensive.


If Channel 4 is the BBC, then yes.

8 out of 10 Cats and the Countdown extension are ITV.


You confuse “offensive” with “edgy”.

Good political/social comedy - and it’s not really my thing - asks uncomfortable questions of the audience. It isn’t judgy or confident it has all the answers. At least, not when it’s done well.

The whole idea of social conservatism is based on ignoring those uncomfortable questions because they do have the answers.

It’s very, very hard to do good conservative social/political commentary. Very hard indeed. You run a huge risk of your audience seeing you as the bully punching down, and then you’re completely lost.


You could argue that sexuality is indeed a choice.

Whether it be heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexuality or celibacy, the act or lack of it, is a choice.

Maybe there is a genetic predisposition to one choice or the other, it is still a choice. Most of us have free-will and the freedom to exercise it.


How old were you when you chose to be hetero, out of interest?