Political Correctness


I’m just a fan of Micallef’s surrealist humour.
That he focuses on politics at the moment is incidental.
It works just as well with politics, but it’s not married to it.


I agree. His is the only sort of political comedy I like. He makes jokes about politicians, but he doesn’t make political points.


If Shorten isn’t Prime Minister next year it’s because of ZINGER.


I had a mate who made the wrong choice, so he gender transitioned to female just so he didn’t have to put up with the grief.

Hey presto, problem solved.


If you can choose between men and women your bisexual.

That’s what choice is in sexuality.

But being gay or hetro? That’s just how you are wired.

I couldn’t be gay, I just can’t get aroused by another bloke. Likewise I have a gay relative and she just can’t get excited about a man.


Get locked up for 10-15 and I’m sure you’d be down with at least a wristy


Ol Louis CK is back & giving ■■■■ to young SJW’s. Apparently he’s a “right wing” comic now according to a bunch of “offended” Millennials


Doug Stanhope’s is much better.


He’s a deadset ■■■■■■.
Ol lefty ABC mate below basically shut down & didn’t know how handle him on the show below. Loved it.


thats your read on this guy? He a guy who made a ■■■■ tonne of money selling a “good guy just trying to get by” to being found out to be a perv, and now he has nothing to lose. But what’s really happing with him, is he’s trying to make the world that called him out to be the bad guy?

You can’t see that?


That whole special is friggin gold.


I love this destroyed or owned thing. all the aussie did was sit back and let him yammer on, albeit mostly in an unfunny fashion.

this destroyed stuff belongs more to jim Jefferies and that cnt piers morgan. Jefferies tore him a new one, told him to get fkd and gave him the bird to boot all of within a couple of metres on a panel show. the audience where going off for Jefferies so morgan couldn’t get a comeback in. looked like a rabbit.

and no one got blown up or sold through the classifieds.


Ain’t falling for the click bait again.


Considering that its posted by the ABC, I don’t think it’s the host missing/not understanding the joke…


“Destroyed” in the title is part of the joke itself.


Spewing I missed him down here last year.


Ballard puts “Destroyed” on the title of many of his videos.


Yeah, although he’s a fair bit past his prime.

Still funny as fark, just not as sharp. Hedonism will do that.


his jacket was about the only thing that looked destroyed


Was just about to say this. No one got shut down or anything.