Political Correctness


Still has plenty of material to revisit.


is that destroyed like when you destroy a kebab? but who gets the last laugh? because in a little bit you’re ■■■■■■■■ out lubricated goat paste.


Have you heard his Jake LaMotta story? Hilarious guy. Just a complete alcoholic.


I don’t know who any of these people are. I just watch Netflix.

but the yank that looked like elmer fudd if he went on a date was as funny as nob rash


For comics that are supposedly having their freedom of speech impinged, there sure is a lot of ways to see them in action.



Like when Bolta spent about a month on his weekly TV show, daily nationally syndicated columns, and various spots and slots on Sky etc claiming he was being silenced. It would be hilarious, except it actually sucks some people on.

And interesting “teh right” have claimed Stanhope, despite him spending much of the slot explaining how much he doesn’t care about politics.


And back we he did care about politics, he was as anti-right as it comes. He had some scathing material on Bush, and he has a set about Sarah Palin that is one of the meanest things I’ve ever heard.


They’d probably claim Bill Hicks these days as right wing.


Christopher Hitchens would be considered ‘right’ these days if he was still around.

Right V Left has nothing at all to do with actual political views anymore.


Bill Hicks would probably claim that Stanhope bit about “xyz extremists sound just like my fans”


Gee where’s your sense of humour gone Ben? For a dude who played rock and roll for a damn long time you seem to get offended quite a lot these days.

I’m not close to his jack off tails but from my understanding he actually asked everyone involved if he could.

Creepy, but at least he asked for consent.

And I don’t give two rats about this guy, was commenting on his commentary


Not having a go at you but the gist of it is you need to think a bit harder or listen a bit closer. He was in a position of huge power and used it to convince these women that it would be an altogether good thing to hang out in his office for a bit while he jerked it. There might’ve been consent but you have to assume it came by way of unspoken coercion - I’m the main guy, it’s in your interests to enable me my perversion. What other reason could there be for joining in that monumentally humiliating occasion?

Incidentally I’m not sure being a muso precludes being a decent bloke.


Isn’t it funny how everyone who argues PC has gone mad ends up being a bit of a ■■■■?


Very cozy little outrage industry they’ve set up for themselves.
It’s all very stupid.
Full of ‘if you’re not an apple you’re a banana’ logic.
The great irony is that they behave in the same way as those they’re so in a tizz about.


I think it might all be a smokescreen to hide the fact they don’t have anything useful or intelligent to add.


Yeah like how people in this thread ■■■■■■ themselves at the likes of Bill Hicks and Eddie Murphy for years but are now offended at the exact same style of humour 20 years later.

I guess they’re all mature and woke now.


in English?

Edit: wait…: are you suggesting we’re too offended by Stanhope to find him funny?
I don’t think that’s an accurate read of the room at all. I think his stand-up’s terrific. His less formal stuff (ie his podcast) doesn’t do much for me.


In fairness, I don’t think anybody in here is talking about being offended by any comedy, or Louis’ specifically.

Just that he’s a big dirty creep, which isn’t really an extreme position to have.

He is a creep.

Yes, there a discussion in the general media about whether he should be allowed to perform again, and plenty are trying to critique his comedy off leaked snippets of a set…

But not in here they’re not.

I kinda feel you are looking too hard for ‘PC outrage,’ when there is already enough around without searching for it.


You’re an apple.
And he’s being oppressed.

Imagine a world where you can enjoy Jim Jeffries telling Bill Cosby rape jokes, Jimmy Carr telling pedophilia necrophilia jokes, and Nanette.
What a time to be alive.


Nanette was a ripper

I work once a week where she grew up. From the outside it looks like a county practice type setting but it’s still a very spit n sawdust set up pub culture. Pretty much everyone smokes ; you may as well take departmental meetings to the caroatk because you’d get a better attendance. Not that any of that is illegal. But everyone pubs it at 5. Not much else there to do.

It’s also the ice capital of tassie. My missus works as a councillor up there once a month and I can’t listen to some of the things she deals with. I’m too sensitive. I haven’t seen the underbelly apart from a couple of Walter customers on the street. One of them saw my bombers scarf last winter and started how are they going with the drugs this season and a comeback would have been too easy. The fact I was laughing was enough.

But I could i Sabine it would have been rougher when she got taped. But I was a bit taken aback when the act went off course to touch on it. In very strong terms.