Political Correctness


Saw it live in a very small room.
It was quite a bit different than the special.
No Trump, more about Howard, and she actually did the bit about Nanette at the end.
It was unbelievably intense.

I’m starting to think I’m cursed because my favourite stand-ups; Justin Hamilton, Randy, Gadsby, have all…well ‘broken’ if you like.


He’s a massive creep. No doubt.
An ex of mine was addicted to his tv show. I’d watch at times but would class myself as a fan.

I posted it due to the content of pc outrage in youth not because it was him , but fair enough I seems as though I haven’t articulated clearly enough.


You can’t think of any reason why someone might choose to watch a member of the opposite sex ■■■■■■■■■■?


Yeah and a Nazi fascist


Jim Jefferies last Netflix special was an abomination.

Outside of his gun skit and a few jokes about Hank, he’s a tool.


Cool story, bro.


That happened while he was alive, his support for the war on terror was seen as a shift to the right.

Although apparently now it’s the left who are the war mongering globalists, so who knows.


I’m not saying anything about his new material, just his motives for his change in position.

It’s a ■■■■ move though (pun intended), seriously I would have found it incredibly funny if he came out in hus return to stand up and said “so apparently people don’t like it when you get your todger out”

But no, clearly he wants to blame the world instead and go for lowest common denominator laughs.

My sense of humour got removed with this sort of stuff when post rock I spent a portion of my life as a social worker, surrounded by domestic violence, rape and paedophilia on a daily basis, to the point I need a daily dose Xanax to get a couple of hours sleep at night.

The worlds a ■■■■ of a place, filled with vile, disgusting people. Louis had an opportunity to grow, and be funny doing it, but instead he chose to double down on being an ■■■■■■■■.

■■■■ the ■■■■. But yay, he had a go at SWJ’s, what a champ


No worries Nanette


Is that…supposed to be an insult?


He was still a pretty avid socialist though, war on terror support aside. But you are right, he was tainted with that brush as it was.

Actually, when you add his rampant mysogyny into the mix… He’d be an alt-right pin-up boy now.


Not disagreeing with what you’re saying at all but he’s always been a ■■■■.
That won’t change.


The world is a ■■■■ of a place and one of the problems is we let people get off lightly when they commit the crimes you have mentioned.

“Respect their privacy”

People like Weinstein, Spacey, Setka, the NFL player who beat his wife in an elevator…the list goes on. These ■■■■■ should either have a bullet put in their head or at least absolutely shamed the hell out so that tjeu never ever get to work in their chosen field ever again because their victims will sure as hell will live with what happened for life.

I feel I may have derailed the thread here


Louis’ latest set is exactly like all his other sets.

His comedy hasn’t changed at all, which isn’t surprising, as it wasn’t his comedy that everyone had an issue with.


Anyone actually seen it?


I listened to it on YouTube.

It’s not bad.


not at all, its part of the discussion.

I think its part of the grey area of the equality debate, but by that same token, as mentioned earlier in the thread, trying allow open dialogue about those sorts of crimes also opens the doors to false claims and character assassinations.

However, we as a society can’t not use the risk of those things happening to innocent people for the sake of the safety of woman and children, and men for that matter.


Don’t think you’d get too many arguments. For those that are guilty, absolutely, throw the book at them and realign appropriate standards.


Doug’s Beer Hall Putsch is on Netflix.


I’ve never worked in an office situation. Maybe jerking off in front of your staff, or watching your boss strangle his chode is a sexy romp I’m missing out on. It would spice the day up I guess.