Political Correctness


speaking of micro agressions and millennials

the only thing that really ■■■■■■ me off about them, is the amount of them who think Lebron is better than Jordan


When everyone knows Abdul-Jabbar was the GOAT and almost took Bruce Lee


Larry Bird.


Bill Russell. Come at me.


Ohh doug. I’d like to take the starch out of that shirt.


Lil Andy Gaze


He actually auctioned off a whole heap of suits etc a few months back on his website. You missed out.


Was never a Murphy fan, but for some reason as a 13 year old I thought Andrew Dice Clay was a hilarious.

I wish I’d known of Hicks then.


Does doug come in XXXL


Good role model, there.


Same, thought he was so funny back then


Good thing he fkd his career then


Nah, Dice made somewhat of a comeback.

He even had his own showtime series for a few seasons there.

Still mighty unfunny in my book, but he’s before my time in a comedy sense.


Allegedly he plays Babs father in the Star is Born remake so his career is not quite over.


He’s still touring as a stand up too, I believe.

Well, he was recently doing big casino shows in Vegas, so yeah… He still does ok.


Also… 90% of this thread recently, really should be in the comedy thread.


The PC thread killed the comedy thread. Well that’s ironic I suppose.


It’s a case of the Political Correctness thread gone mad!


■■■■■■■ Millenials.



Unless Lebron/Jordan/Bird/anyone’s dominance also forced the governing body to change the fkn rules of the sport then everyone can shut their god damn trap.