Political Correctness


Except they’ve done that for like 10 players, george mikan had like 3.

Trent Tucker must be the greatest player in NBA history: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trent_Tucker_Rule




Marny Atkinson is a buffoon.

Using apostrophes like that! Disgraceful!


I remember saying this to E12 in the politics thread a while back, if you ever want to gauge how far on the left or the right you are, go to a public place like blitz and share your views, if the majority disagree with you, youre on the far side of that spectrum.

Same goes for this thread I reckon


But what of Blitz is far-left? Others might just be right/left-of-center


I’d suggest perce and the Fox.


I’ve got a mate who weighs 169 kg and eats total ■■■■. His farts are wet.

I can agree there is no humor, only nausea


We have a pretty good spread here I reckon, all views pretty much covered


I’d say there’s a definite tilt to the middle left.

But that’s not uncommon online (other than facebook/HS comments which skew pretty hard to the right), or in white-collar ish communities which I think is a biggish chunk of Blitz.

I’ll throw this out there too, trolls on either end of the spectrum don’t help open up discussion.




Typical snowflake comment


I read a couple of the letters to the editor in today’s H/S at the coffee shop today.

Read the first two, thought ‘dear me’, and stopped.

But then again, I’ve never had much time for people who are so outraged that they feel it necessary to write the letter, stamp it and post it.

And yes…I know it doesn’t work that way any more but I always wondered if John Dobinson of North Balwyn was outraged by every single thing. You’d see the same names all the time.


People who write letters to the editor, people who ring up talkback radio, people who comment underneath news stories…

It’s all the same people.


They get radio producer’s interns to write letters to the HS?


Nah, other way around.

They get people who write letters to the HS to be radio producer interns.


97 year old interns?


You’re never too old to learn.


Agree with this.

Though depends on what you consider to be a troll. A genuine troll who’s posting ■■■■ to grind peoples gears or someone who’s opinion they don’t agree with which offends them.


People who feel that they aren’t as big outside as they feel inside, and want - need - the world to know it.


There was not much ANZAC action in WW2 just quietly. Lots of ANZACs in WW1, but not many Nazis there.

So a smackdown based on ANZACs v NAZIs seem like overreach. I’d give the points to the millenial.