Political Correctness


Are you ■■■■■■■ serious? My grandfather served in World War Two and was part of the division that went to Greece to fight the nazi invasion with the Kiwis and the Brits, he was captured along with 3000 other Anzacs and spent 2 months in a concentration camp. He helped several Australian and brits escape the camp and got a medal for it. Look up the battle of Greece, thousands of Anzacs died at the hands of those ■■■■■■.

He was my hero, It’s why I named my son after him and I hate nazis



Think you need to brush up a bit on the history of Australian involvement in WW2,

I had two uncles in Egypt fighting the Huns.


Actually the main problem for me with that Courier Mail exchange is people’s predilection for using SM as a weapon of mass humiliation. Also, that young people grow up in an age where they tend to live out all their thoughts and arguments, not in a face to face discussion where you can mess your words up then correct them or get taken the wrong way then set things straight, but on the Internet where they’re hard to take back.

That girl could just be thinking that patriotism does not equal racism (it doesn’t) and that the ideals and purposes of the Anzacs did not equal those of the Nazis (they didn’t). What’s the Anzacs got to do with the Nazis?


If the OP is referring to the anti-Sudanese rally then I think you are bending over backwards to allow the possibility of a reasonable point of view.


I have no idea what it’s about, there’s no context in the exchange that’s getting passed to everyone’s SM accounts.


I haven’t seen it on mine.
You’re right, though, I’m making an assumption.
If the opening posted quote is a stand alone comment and the CM have just sandbagged her with that pic, then they’re the dicks.


Start of exchange:


Alright, I take it back.
The Courier-Mail ATA.


This actually does highlight the problem of people conveniently ignorant of our history to rationalise support for racist ideals.




Ate The Anchovies.


I thought that too, initially, but now I don’t think so.
Her OP is asking if ANZAC’s would be happy with patriotism being called racism.
It’s a reasonable question.
She’s then confused with why the CM is using This group of nazis (no WWII pics of nazis here) as an example of patriotism.

In fact, the CM kind of make her point for her, and are complete jerks to go along with it.

Edit: sorry, Wim acronym. Are the arseholes. See also: AITA?


Only if you believe that the St Kilda rally was about patriotism.


No, I thought that too, but if she never mentions the rally then it’s irrelevant.
Her response to it is, ‘why the hell are you bringing that up?’
She doesn’t mention the rally, or nazis.
She’s asking if it’s reasonable for patriotism to be called racism.

It’s possible she was referring to the rally, given it was in the news recently, but that shouldn’t be assumed, and it certainly shouldn’t be assumed she was in favour of it.


Isn’t she commenting on an article?

Like, it’s the comment section of Courier Mail posting their article?


Awwww, man?
You had to go and…


my head is proper busted now.


They’re different things.

The first is a troll.

The second is someone you disagree with.

Daytripper/essendon12 was a troll.

You’re someone I disagree with.


Really good post, mrjez.


Uuhhh, no.
More than twice as many ANZACs served in WWII than WWI.

Albeit many were fighting Japan and allies, in the pacific.