Political Correctness


Iraq is an even better one.


He wasn’t a troll, he was just very Right-wing


Yep, and we entered Afghanistan with a “mentoring” force that was supposed to build hospitals and schools and show the Afghans how.


No, he was a troll.
Had absolutely no interest in having a discussion.
Just ■■■■■■■ off teh snowflake lefties.


At my kids school they open every school assembly acknowledging the local Aboriginal tribe ties to the land.

In kindy they had an elderly aboriginal gentlemen visit once a month who explains dreamtime, tells stories and exposes them to aboriginal culture .

All the school sports ‘houses’ are aboriginal names.

The aboriginal flag flies out the front of the school along side the current Australian flag.


Yeah if E12 wasn’t a troll then trolls don’t exist.


Great hearing this. My kids go to a Catholic school and they raise both the Australian and Indigenous flag each morning.

They also do a tonne of nature activities and incorporate indigenous learnings i to this.

My 8 year old who starts grade 4 next year was taught the true at school as to what happened in colonisation. She was pretty disturbed by it all but I don’t see that as a bad thing, especially when she also asks me questions about WWI & WW2 as both sides of our family has representatives in it.


Pretty sure she was referring to the massive ■■■■ up schoolies event that happens every year on some beach in some Mediterranean joint.


There are not many people on this site that show ‘interest in having a discussion’.
A whole slew of people wanting to demonstrate debating skills and win arguments, though.


I gotta say - this stuff does ■■■■ me off pretty often.
“Let’s all say thank you, now fark off, we’ve done our bit” stuff.


And Kinder Surprise in the gun . news.com.au


come again?


Hilarious - https://www.kidspot.com.au/news/aussie-mum-shocked-to-discover-kkk-toy-inside-sons-kinder-surprise-egg/news-story/3b2


Often feels like lip-service, to me.


They have taken that story down, what did she find?

Found it, geez what idiot doesn’t get that the balloons stand for Kinder.


Apparently the inside of his chocolate was white!

  • I have no idea


No, it’s ice cream.


It’s kinda funny that it was KKK. Surely someone has half a brain down there.


I’m pretty sure Kinder is a European company, every chance who ever designed it didn’t realise

Edit: yeah Italian


Haven’t watched this as of yet but thought some may be interested.