Political Correctness


Is it 1865?


Maybe 1865 BC, Moses was a pretty good SJW.


That whole podcast was reasonably good, that professor was fairly open-minded on the topic.

Not sure if that snippet is gonna be a good representation of it, though.

And geez… About time Rogan addressed this topic…


Yeah I thought that guy was good.

Ultimately it’s people like him who are the answer to the University problem. Teachers shouldn’t have to work in a climate of fear. They can push back sort this out and the rest of us can stop talking about it.


That beats my next guess of the 13th century by a fair bit.


The Mongols did have a thing for safe spaces…


Didn’t mess about with micro aggressions though. It was straight to rape and pillage for old mate Genghis.


I was actually thinking of the Magna Carta, but that Mongol reclaim the night thing has merit, too.


There were a few periods during that century where a woman was in charge of the Mongol Empire, which was the largest Empire (by land mass) in world history.

Talk about woke.


Which is why l refused to register for the draft. Vietnam and its people were never a threat to Oz. This has since been confirmed by my 7 trips to that wonderful country.


Wrong. He was a textbook definition of a troll. l am surprised he lasted as long as he did. He offered Blitz nothing of any value.





So, this Gillette stuff hey?


I assume you don’t mean Ray Gillette.
The gay, formerly Christian, technically cyborg, with one black hand who changed his name from Gillett in an attempt to hide his poor Southern roots

He’s not very politically correct, but then none of them are. Maybe Lana.


Are you doing marketing now mate?
More reason for me to keep my beard.


Close… I think.

IAS, what’s happening with this is a laugh out loud funny. Gillette made an ad about men being the best they can, and the a whole bunch of nut jobs came in an poured stupid all over it


800k of people and growing think it’s full of ■■■■. They must all be toxic rapists


Do you not see the irony in this outrage?


Great add

Why shouldn’t men strive to be better?

That used to be part of being a gentleman.