Political Correctness


Is it 1865?


Maybe 1865 BC, Moses was a pretty good SJW.


That whole podcast was reasonably good, that professor was fairly open-minded on the topic.

Not sure if that snippet is gonna be a good representation of it, though.

And geez… About time Rogan addressed this topic…


Yeah I thought that guy was good.

Ultimately it’s people like him who are the answer to the University problem. Teachers shouldn’t have to work in a climate of fear. They can push back sort this out and the rest of us can stop talking about it.


That beats my next guess of the 13th century by a fair bit.


The Mongols did have a thing for safe spaces…


Didn’t mess about with micro aggressions though. It was straight to rape and pillage for old mate Genghis.


I was actually thinking of the Magna Carta, but that Mongol reclaim the night thing has merit, too.


There were a few periods during that century where a woman was in charge of the Mongol Empire, which was the largest Empire (by land mass) in world history.

Talk about woke.


Which is why l refused to register for the draft. Vietnam and its people were never a threat to Oz. This has since been confirmed by my 7 trips to that wonderful country.


Wrong. He was a textbook definition of a troll. l am surprised he lasted as long as he did. He offered Blitz nothing of any value.