Politically correct or not

I think it’s fantastic that an African-Australian has been selected as All-Australian. African-Australians face a lot of difficulties and prejudices that Anglo-Saxon males like me have never had to think about. Aliir Aliir has gone past all that and been a consistently good player for a long time, and his form this year has been absolutely outstanding.

We live in a multicultural society. It’s great to see some reflection of that in the AA team.


And I thought they picked the team on footy performance, not affirmative action.

They do, and I did not in any way suggest otherwise, as you very well know, or should know.

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Didn’t Sydney let him go for practically nothing? Very very funny. I hope he wins a flag.

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That would only slightly sugar the bitter pill of Koch winning one.

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Alir has been in great form all season, and his performance last night was outstanding. He is AA on merit.

Aliir is there on merit and he’s been a great pickup for Port.

But yer it is. I just think it’s great footy is getting a real blend of people in it outside of the traditional Aussie of Anglo or Irish background.

That’s more reflective of where Australia is.

Be great to see more Indian and Asian blokes at the top level too.

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