As our utility bills go up, the Commonwealth's GST revenue will increase with the services component of the tax levied on those bills.


Credibility shot...


Ha ha , Credibility and I parted ways after Mrs Fox 1.


Ha. For me it was creditrating.


You understand what they are used for don't you?
You understand that there is no choice in the matter don't you?
You understand they are for health and hygiene don't you?

How does it open a Pandora's box? It's hardly a set and forget piece of legislation, demonstrated by both sides of the divide willing to change the rate.

If the tax is only worth a few dollars why do we need it?

Crawl back under your rock and stay there


Good post, apart from the last line.


Reckon you should read the whole piece of legislation that was voted down.

It was not about tampons; this is just the emotional bit that the Greens are playing politics with.

The Greens are the ones who need to crawl back under the rock.


Good governments make amendments to bills to try and make them work before voting them down


Wasn't having a go at the legislation having a go at the poster who sees this as an insignificant matter.

The bill itself was ridiculous but it is becoming the norm with this Government.



is that to me? If so fair enough.

Just did a bit more reading into it, and Razors and Condoms are exempt from GST. No words really.


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I do agree.
I just don't think abuse furthers the conversation.
I know I'm the last one to say that, as I do get very very cross sometimes.




School injections.
I guess she doesn't want them getting worse.


The bag of crap that the ordinal GST law is, stems from the deal done between John Howard and Meg Lees. Costello even thought it was a pile of manure.

GST is not a fair tax unless it applies to all goods and services.


I probably should quit while I'm behind, but I'll respond.

It was the accountant in me, not me being male that posted what I did.

Of course I would support this change in isolation. As posted above Condoms being GST free whilst tampons aren't doesn't make much sense.

However my general position is I'm against exemptions from GST, as it makes it complex, leads to weird outcomes like condoms vs tampons and I can see further campaigns where new items are advocated to be removed.

Some other examples

Sunscreen is GST free whilst Sunglasses are not. Our our eyes not as important as our skin?

Lollies pretty clear as why they should have GST. But hey lollies to a diabetic could be seen as life saving medicine.

And a finally a totally ridiculous one. What's the difference between a tampon and toilet paper? Both products are absorbent to deal with bodily fluids, both unavoidable, both health and hygiene related. The fact the government taxes our bowell movements doesn't quite create the same headlines as taxing the reproductive system.

Again I'd be happy to make the change, I'd be even happier to make a more substantive difference to inequality like guaranteed super payments throughout maternity leave, which I'd happily pay more taxes to do.


But it's a regressive tax anyway, and shouldn't have been brought in in the first place. Especially while fat rich fukz, big business and multi's get away with paying stuff all &/or nothing.

I remember thinking at the time, .. that they could bring it in on everything, and then make low income earners exempt, .. like they do (did?) for Farmers on certain goods, .. and continue to do for Mining co's on diesel etc.


Regressive yes, but the government can and should do things to offset, like you say.

But it's best feature is it's unavoidable. So that fat rich guy who pays no tax cause he uses trusts etc. they can't avoid GST. Even more relevant in the coming decades is the new class of retiree/pensioner who is rich with substantial super balances. A rich retiree can have a mill in super earning tax free revenue whilst a working class person toils away on minimum wage paying tax. At least the rich person with super pays GST.


Regressive vs Progressive is an interesting tax discussion, but mostly redundant.

Fair vs Unfair is a better argument.