Because ultra-conservatives call the shots in government?


It's kinda funny with the stuff about Pyne coming out saying the moderates are starting to be the big players in the Liberal party. Then you get Credlin and Abbott in the media having a go at them and simultaneously bemoaning faction problems. They're throwing more fuel on the fire while getting riled up about anything "left" in their party. This thing is going to accelerate.


If you take the current state of politics here,.. lay them over with the bastardry committed upon vulnerable aged folk reported on 4 corners tonight, (blood boiling stuff) & then see what those arseholes Devine & Dean wrote for Murdoch,, knowingly lying about the Grenfell tower fire for political point scoring,(as exposed on Media Watch), .. on the back of a mind fking losing of the virtual unlosable game with 3 minutes to go on Friday Night, .. you arrive at ...


I'm a little confused with the kerfuffle over the Citizenship English speaking requirements - why are they doing an IELTS test to become citizens? I would have thought this process is done during permanent residency applications?

I'm a PR of Canada and I had to do the IELTS even though I had been brought up and went through a schooling system in an English speaking country like Australia. However we don't have to do another language test when we apply to become a citizen.


I've got a feeling the announcement on the upgraded citizenship tests were a nod to PHON in exchange for their vote on Gonski 2.0.

The timing was "curious".


How about the whole song that reflects the ideas in this thread?

Australians all let us rejoyce,
For we burnt coal that's free.
Though coal is now proven to wreck,
our planet from hot air.
You'll find those arguing with haste,
that plants just love the taste!
In our next page and every stage,
Advance australia coal!
Our lungs with soot we'll try to moot,
Australia from new gains!

Did I miss anything?


Apart from rhymes, .. no. ...



A missive from Mr Dandrews ....

Dan Andrews [email protected]
20:33 (4 hours ago)

To BS Devils. Esq,

We did it

Tonight, the Prime Minister wrote to me agreeing to pay $1.5 billion owed to Victorians for better regional rail.

This money was owed under our signed agreement on Asset Recycling. But up until today, Malcolm Turnbull had refused to pay up.

All year, we’ve been fighting for this funding to upgrade every regional rail line in Victoria.

The State Liberals told us to back down. The Turnbull Government told us we should be happy with whatever crumbs fell off the table in Sydney.

But together, we fought, and we won.

Labor MPs and supporters hit the ground and campaigned. They showed the Turnbull Government that Victorians will never back down.

Because of those efforts, every regional rail line in Victoria will be upgraded.

Because we worked together and took them on, 1,000 new jobs will be created.

This is how we fight and win.

But there’s much more to do, and there’s bigger battles to come.

So get involved now, and help us keep fighting for the things that matter.


Dan Andrews


In clueless record producer fashion:

"Great! That's great! Could you put a little something about being too rich to pay taxes in there?"




Did anyone else see the 4 Corners story last night on the Aveo Aged Care corporation? That was outrageous and even if only half true needs to be regulated urgently. Anyone who makes their living by stitching up old people is a disgrace.


Anyone who makes their living stitching up anyone is a disgrace.


I would've accepted if you said you had a fever and the only perscription was more cow bell.


The Liberal Party does NOT have factions! :wink:


"I voted LNP because Labor are a divided mess."

Don't look now, but...


Doctors and nurses are alright in my book :wink:


if you want to listen to something that is quite comical no its well I can quite describe what is.

Turnbull on 3aw with Neil Mitchell this morning...

Another example of how far out of reality the Liberal party has become under this thing!

Labour should never attack this guy hes labours biggest assest!


Looks like the Greens have got factions too...the watermelon faction of which Lee Rhiannon is the boss and the Avocados of which Di Natale rules the roost.


If only he could bring that fight to, you know - the surge in violent crime under his watch