What more can any Government do?

They increase police numbers, make sentences tougher, tighten bail and parole provisions and all the rest.

The bleeding hearts take the Government to court because they put violent young thugs in Barwon, Civil Rights are somehow infringed because we try to make our society safer, and supporting criminals is more progressive than jailing them.

Across the World drugs are rampant and society is powerless to stop its spread, unless we take the lead fron Duerte in Manila and shoot them all.

If I hear an Opposition in any Government say that if elected they wil go "tough on crime" I think I will scream. Most crime is economic and perhaps finding more jobs for everyone could help, but no Government can stop a violent, apathetic, compassionless thug; the problem starts before birth.


We need more coal mines.


People who are working have much less time to partake in crime.
People who take legal drugs are less likely to need to commit crimes for money to live.
We need jobs for people that pay a decent living wage.
We need to legalise drugs.


Or maybe we could just hang miscreants in the town square.


A political party without factions, whether informal collections of like-minded people or weirdly official like the ALP variety, isn't a political party. It's a cult.


You mean like family first?


I bet even they have internal factions, and spend their branch meetings arguing ferociously with each other whether its more biblically correct for the gays to be stoned or burnt at the stake...


Ah, the pesky Leviticus faction...


so legalise the opiate of the masses to have them all toe the line?

Not sure it's quite what Marx meant, but I'm sure he would agree.


I never knew before now that Dutton was a hacker.

Just wow!


If you are calling me Dutton then the love affair is over.


My nephew is going for a job in Geelong. The boss demanded a drug test because two of his employees have ice habits and are continually skiving off.

Certain drugs can be legalised, or decriminalised. Ice isn't one of them.


The Liberal right seem determined to destroy their party's electability for quite some time.


Rupe and the suits behind the IPA bought them their tickets in Canberra. They probably think they'll fix it all next time. They might have good reason to think that too.


Tony Abbott is determined to ensure the "conservative" voice is heard. My problem with that is that I reckon that's only 25-30% of the country now.


I agree. But it's likely there would have been less incentive for people to make and use ice if there had been legal alternatives available at an affordable price.
We just keep pushing ourselves further and further down a rabbit hole in our slavish addiction to the prohibition regime.
Didn't work for alcohol in the USA and it's never worked for drugs.


Not only that, I wonder if it's only 25-30% of federal Liberals.

Edit: Also, I don't mind conservatives. The feral minority under Abbott's heel who pass themselves off as conservatives are destructive for the nation.


Malcolm Turnbull was asked today if he was aware that he was the most out of touch leader in history...he replied im unaware of that!


I’m familiar with watermelon. Haven’t heard avocado though. Is it “giant nut”?


I made it up…one’s green on the outside and red on the inside…the other’s green both inside and out.