Well Vanders, I spent a long time as a Local Government Councillor and Mayor, and never once saw any graft or corruption.

A shiteload of incompetence, but no crooks.

Chinese have a good system, one Party, and under the current Premier, any Pollie who cheats in any way, gets a bullet in the brain.


It varies from country to country I think.

Some countries allow dual citizenship, others don't an consider you to have renounced your citizenship with them if you ever take up citizenship with another country.

Basically, you have to do your own research, probably with your old country's embassy. Ludlam obviously didn't.


The citizenship test requirement of renunciation of other citizenship was deleted in 1986, in part because it was not enforceable in regard to countries which do not permit renunciation. Some countries provide for automatic loss of citenzship on acquiring another citizenship ( seemingly not NZ) .
Australia has actively engaged in agreements with other countries to have dual citizenship recognised.


That's complete bullshit and you of all people should know it.


The greens serve as a reminder just how far from the left his mob have strayed


Ludlam has always been a showboat.

He just got caught out in the big lie. Hope he gets charged for fraud.


What does "caught out" mean in your world?


FFS. He came to Australia when he was 3. It was not an unreasonable assumption for him to think that he was an Australian citizen when he was given Australian citizenship when he became old enough to know who and where he was.


So, .. we've had a fkn KIWI in our Fed parliament for 5 or so years eh?

No wonder the county's stuffed!!


Meh wasn't Russian so don't care.


More like ten years


Nearly said a decade, ..


Well Dingus, you keep living on Fantasy Island. Ludlum has been a Senator since 2007 and he knew all the rules.

And ask him and the Greens about their jibes at Tony Abbott and his citizenship status. He got presented with the proof after someone in WA searched it out, and you think he didn't already know.


I tried moving to fantasy island once but it was full of labor diehards pretending they still gave a toss about the working people of Australia.

They also didn't seem too happy that I arrived by boat.


It's calculated to depress you though..

When asked about encryption laws today, and pressed as to why he's pushing encryption laws that make no mathematical sense, Turnbull actually said something like "well the laws of mathematics are all very well but the only laws that apply here are the laws of Australia"

I mean for ■■■■'s sake.

The PM arbitrarily dismisses the entire concept of maths on the day we have the resignation of one of the vanishingly few MPs who had the capacity to understand science/tech stuff in any meaningful way.

Ludlam had absolutely zero choice except to resign, and it was notbody's fault but his own, but it's still depressing as hell that he goes and parliament remains still full of hooting monkeys waving lumps of coal around.


Agreed that was a stupid comment from Turnbull.

Especially considering he and his mates are not only happy but are aching to sign away Australian laws to be over-ridden by those of other countries, such as in the TPP and other stupid agreements that cede Australian sovereignty in our own country.


Let's hope Cormann has renounced his Belgian citizenship. Belgium recognises dual citizenship and requires renunciation under Belgian law.
The Parliamentary requirement is behind the times, but little impetus to change that law through a constitutional referendum process.




Has turnbull ever made a smart comment.....I doubt it


Back before he became PM when he had a spine he did, yes.

"We need a Fibre to the Home NBN to be part of this century"

"Australia should be a Leader in Climate Change abatement & renewable technology, and invest in those jobs"

I paraphrase,.. but, ... Fkn Softcock.