Well Big A, while I do give credit to Fraser for his stance against apartheid, and it was wonderful when Hawkie gave him the gig to present our position in 1984; and then again when both of them worked together on the same issue, and both we strong supporters of Mandela, but Fraser never supported the armed struggle of the African Congress.

Maybe he said this as his change of personality progressed, but never when he was PM.


IIRC Fraser was also a big supporter of Mugabe, as opposed to the Matabele boss (was that Chief Buthelezi?)

Good move in retrospect, that!


Fraser stood up to Thatcher on South African and Rhodesian sanctions and after Hawke appointed him to the Eminent Persons Group ( which he co-chaired) the Group played a major role in persuading Congress to overturn Reagan's veto on SA sanctions.
Fraser said of Mandela ".. a man who had been driven to armed struggle only with the greatest reluctance". His aim was always to get people to the negotiating table.


I concede all that, but he didn't supported armed struggle.

Only us socialists and anarchists do that. Why is it that the Tories seem to have all the guns ?


Maybe to protect ourselves from you nutbag lefties.


I get the idea for the department, but Sutton?

A new federal super-ministry of Home Affairs will be set up including the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and the Australian Border Force.


This is a terrible idea. Even more so with this abhorrent human being at the helm.

No care for those directly under provision (refugees self immolating)
Non release of information to the people he is meant to serve, due to security reasons
Bribing the very people he is meant to be protecting his electorate from
Continual disrespect of international boundaries
Supression and intimidation of the press

Will he now be responsible for issuing warrants, or will the still need to go through proper offices held by people with a responsibility to civil liberties (e.g. Attorney - General)?

Massive issue if this degenerate with his background in Queensland police is able to issue warrants. he has no education in law or security.

this is a scary step, a lot of people should be worried. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. this sets a very worrying precedent.



This is not a day to be proud of, complacent about or accept. If Labor have any balls they'll immediately announce they'll abolish this setup when elected.

"Home Affairs"... wow.


And Larissa Waters (co-leader of the greens in the senate) has resigned over Dual Nationality. Canadian.

Why can't we ever have a proper scandal anymore. Why can't they be Russian or North Korean? No in Australia we get the friendliest people in the world and our "special" cousins from across the big wet.


Hope triple-Brownlow Medallist Andrew McGrath remembers this 20 years down the track when he is running for President of Australia


Wow, ..What the fk is going on???

How have we ended up with so many dual citizenship folk in our Parliament? Declared or not?

Are Aussies that put off by, or apathetic towards Politics, that we can't find enough of home grown only Australian citizenship candidates?


Brandis retains power to issue warrants. That's slightly better. Turnbull is just capitulating to the leading conservative in the party room and the faction in general.

Still though, the framework has been created now, I wonder if, how and when the transition of powers will be complete.

A question to anyone out there that understands constitutional law. Isn't this now an issue having two separate branches of the governance reporting to one another (e.g. AFP to a minister)?


Actually, .. now listening to the details of Waters case, .. it all seems a little pedantic. Surely she (they?) could just now renounce the other C/ship, and continue?


However both her and Ludlam look like major geese now and their personal political credibility has been shot and need to take a sabbatical for a few years


Rules are rules I suppose - shouldn't have stood in the first place. Perhaps she can renounce and run again next time?
Amazing that it never occurred to her though (or Ludlam), or one of her family/friends.


It is a stuff up. Since 1984, there is no process under Australian law to renounce citizenship of another country when acquiring Australian citizenship. In regard to those countries allowing dual citizenship ( Canada since 1977) renunciation has to be done under the laws of that country.
The Constitution is the problem.


The rules around running for office at all levels are really very clear and it is amazing that so many get caught out not only in Federal Government, but also at State and Local Council levels as well.

I reckon though that there needs to be a review as these small errors cost us plenty.

I recall that Phil Clearly got tossed out of Parliament because when he stood for election he was on unpaid leave from being a state schoolteacher and had not resigned. Now that seemed pedantic to me.

The ALP carefully vets any candidates eligibility, pity that don't check their ability and character as strenuously!


Past Democrat Andrew Bartlett is the likely Greens replacement.

They could extract the urine by having the replacement(s) resign, and then have the disqualified person renounce the "treasonous" affiliation and be appointed back into the gap.


Surely there must be some pale, wealthy, virtue signallers, looking for a free ride Greens members who aren't dual citizens?

Probably explains why they hate the average Australian so much.